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You may or may not know that both my older kids attend Rosie’s School of Rock each week for music classes. Owned by Craig “Rosie” Rosevear  (member of legendary Newcastle rockers, The Screaming Jets), the school provides both group and personal tuition for a range of instruments, as well as dance and percussion group classes.

Gilbert started in the Au:Sum class at the start of the year (a class where kids with autism are supported to write, record and perform a song with their very own band) and has really come along way, particularly in composing lyrics. Matilda started personal drum lessons this term after trying out the group performance classes of Rock Divas and finding the dynamic a little overwhelming.

While I wait during their classes, occasionally distracted by the wonder of Delilah sleeping soundly amidst the cacophony of sound (how anyone could sleep through those classes, I really don’t know!), I either chat with the other parents or watch the music video of the week. In past weeks I have enjoyed watching the stories of how Blondie, Oasis, The Bee Gees, Queen and Eric Clapton, among others, became the artists that are adored around the world today.

Last week I became enthralled with a video documenting the recording of Nirvana’s most successful album Nervermind. I was never a Nirvana fan when they rose to prominence in the early 90’s. My tastes ran exactly the opposite of their “grunge” sound and I remember being rather unimpressed with all the fuss made about them and rivals Pearl Jam when I found their rough sound less than inspiring.


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Over the years my tastes have matured and I have come to really enjoy rock music a whole lot more than I did in my teens. Now when I hear a Nirvana or Pearl Jam track I really enjoy them, probably more so than the bubble-gum/electronica pop that I spent my teenage years listening to!

It doesn’t hurt that lead singer Kurt Cobain’s suicide at the peak of their success at the age of 27 makes them all the more intriguing. Or that drummer Dave Grohl went onto even greater success as lead singer of the Foo Fighters, illustrating just how talented a line up they really had.

What I like most about their sound now is the guitar riffs, especially how they seem to roar in the chorus. I also enjoy the emphatic and staccato drumming from Grohl – I do enjoy strong percussion!

Smells Like Teen Spirit


Do you share my appreciation for Nirvana? What are your favourite tracks?

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5 Responses

  1. Shelly says:

    I think I like Come As You Are. I will listen to Nirvana whenever I want to feel like I did when I was 20. BTW, those classes sound fantastic! I listen to the lead singer of Screaming Jets, Dave Gleeson’s Rock of Ages segment on the radio. He has some very interesting stories to tell!
    Shelly recently posted..FYLP: Unknowingly Addicted to Bass

  2. Emily says:

    Oh, how I dived headfirst into love for Nirvana in my teens. Still love to listen, although find it hard as its not really suitable around the kids! I do think Smells Like Teen Spirit is overrated, though. Not that it’s not great, but it often rates highly in top song lists of all time. All time? No, sorry. Faves are Heart Shaped Box, Plateau and Dive.
    Emily recently posted..Selfies

    • Kirsty says:

      A true fan then Emily! I can’t claim that myself but I have come to appreciate their music a lot more than I did in my own teens 😉

  3. Jaz says:

    Those classes sound fabulous – what awesome musical icons to garner inspiration from!
    Nevermind is an icon in itself as is Pearl Jam’s Ten, my husband and I both have eclectic tastes but these two albums are stand outs for both of us.
    I was in Year 10 when Kurt passed, I remember writing a big long letter that I posted on the student notice board, talk about being a die hard lol.
    Jaz recently posted..Christmas Joy

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