Musical Musings: Colour Songs

I have no idea how my mind leapt to this conclusion the other day, but I found myself musing the number of songs with a colour in the title. 

colour dancing

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I came up with about ten just off the top of my head but I was curious to see just how many there actually are. It turns out there are a whole lot more of them out there.

Song Facts came up with a list of over 560 songs with a colour in the title. Over 560! Now I can’t verify if their list is current or includes every single song relevant so there could be a load more out there but that number certainly  put my own mental list to shame.

Scrolling through their list I found quite a few of my favourites which I’m going to share with you today – as if I wouldn’t, there wouldn’t be much of a musical musing post otherwise, would there?

Black & Gold – Sam Sparro

Funky and danceable – plus I really dig the illuminated white shirts in the film clip – very cool!

White Knuckle Ride – Jamiroquai

Again, funky and danceable. It’s my all-time favourite band – need I say more?

Orange Crush – REM

I love the distinctive guitar riffs, the harmonies and the staccato beat that comes and goes throughout. A true classic.

What are your favourite songs featuring colours in the title? I know I could easily do another post…hit me with your faves!

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1 Response

  1. If you keep this up Kristy you might steal the thunder from my blog!

    It might also be worth noting that “Orange Crush” was taken from an album entitled “Green”…

    Colour songs isn’t a post I’ve done yet. Maybe I should!! You’d have to ignore all the songs that include the word “Blues” in the title. But the songs that immediately spring to mind are:

    “Pink” – Aerosmith
    “Yellow and Blue” – Icecream Hands
    “Black and Blue” – Chain (there’s even an unrelated song by Van Halen with the same title)
    “Fell On Black Days” and “Black Hole Sun” – Soundgarden
    “Yellow Submarine” (god forbid) by The Beatles. But then they had better songs with colours like “Baby’s In Black”, “Strawberry Fields Forever”, “Blue Jay Way”, “Blackbird”, “Mean Mr Mustard”, “Golden Slumbers”
    “Bluebird” – Paul McCartney and Wings
    “Golden Brown” – The Stranglers
    “Mr Brownstone” – Guns n’ Roses
    Dave @ The Sound and the Fury POdcast recently posted..Sunday Sessions: Christmas with…Bad Religion???

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