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I’ve been missing in action recently doing a whole of real life things (I have been rather busy at work as well as at home) as well as a whole lot of blog procrastinating.

For some reason, I just can’t put words onto the page. I have ideas, lots of ideas. But instead of focusing on what I want to say and putting it all there on the page, I’ve found myself feeling all blah and uninspired and instead turning to the distraction of social media.

All good blogging intentions are worthless if you end up spending all your time on Facebook, Twitter and on various online news sites finding out a whole lot of useless stuff about a whole lot of people you really couldn’t give two hoots about. The result being it’s bedtime and you have nothing to show for a couple of hours surfing the inanities of the interwebs.

Yet, there is safety in being blah and aimless and just cruising along instead of drawing words from within and sharing them with the world. Maybe I’m not quite ready to share the things I want to talk about just yet.

Perhaps I should instead be kind to myself and and trust that the words and the motivation and the focus will come when they are ready?

So, with that in mind, I am jumping back into things by sharing two songs that have nothing in common and are completely random. The only thing they share is they were both played on my local radio station at various times during the week. And that they cut through my state of busyness and blah and reminded me of the awesomeness of the 80’s!

David Bowie – Let’s Dance

I’m not a huge fan of David Bowie – quite frankly his vocals annoy the crap out of me. But I can’t deny that he was revolutionary in many ways and I respect him even while I don’t enjoy a lot of what he produced. This song definitely lives up to it’s name though, with the strong beat and bass line driving us all to dance (or at the very least vigorously tap our feet!)

Kenny Loggins – Danger Zone

When I heard this on the radio, the announcer said this was from back when Tom Cruise was cool. I couldn’t agree more! What a perfect song to go with possibly Tom’s biggest movie? Who can forget Maverick, Goose and Ice Man? Again a strong beat drives this song with the additional of the iconic guitar riffs – such an 80’s classic – I love it!

How have you all been recently? What have you been listening to? And how are you all feeling coming into the home stretch of 2013?

BTW – the prompt for tomorrow’s I Must Confess is asking how you are feeling right now. So feel free to join in then as well if you would like to share your present state of mind!

Spread the positivity!
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  1. The awesomeness of the 80s? Really? The 80s certainly had its fair share of shit music, as much if not more than any decade before or since. That said, the two choices above are wonderful.

    Did you know that Bowie clip was filmed in Australia? In the outback somewhere (Alice Springs I think), North Head at Manly and Redfern in the city?

    Aren’t I just full of fascinating and useful information? Not!!!
    Dave @ The Sound and the Fury POdcast recently posted..Sunday Sessions: The Church

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