Musical Musings: Inspired by Doctor Who

My inner geekness should not be a surprise to any of you so of course I’m down with the 50th anniversary of the Doctor Who series.

Doctor Who

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I admit, I came to the party late with the reboot – I have never really watched the old episodes but the new ones are a whole lot of fun and most episodes are very well made, thought-provoking and intriguing.

Even if you do not enjoy Doctor Who as much as I do, you have to admire a series that has retained interest, inspiration and intrigue for half a century – that is worth even the most basic level of admiration.

It seems fitting as yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of the airing of the very first episode back in 1963 that I mark the occasion with a bit of Whovian inspired music.

Doctor Who Parody – The Chaser

Just funny and so very true….

Doctorin’ the Tardis – KLF

I remember this from when I was young. Even though I don’t remember watching many episodes of the series back then I certainly knew the theme music!

Doctor Who Theme 1963

The original version of the iconic theme song.

Doctor Who Theme 2013

The latest version circa 2013.

Are you a Whovian who came to the party late, like me? What’s your favourite Doctor Who inspired tune?

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2 Responses

  1. What amuses me about Dr Who, especially since the 2005 reboot is how women who would never stoop to such a level as to watch sci-fi, are some f the biggest modern day Whovians. It’s no longer a blokey thing. I think that’s awesome. Because it was getting a bit smelly in here!
    Dave @ the sound and the fury recently posted..Sunday Sessions: Things of Stone and Wood

  2. Kirsty says:

    My husband, who is a real geek from way back, introduced me to the wonder and fun and fascination of Doctor Who and sci-fi in general. Since then I have never looked back – there is such an amazingly rich world of imagination to be explored!

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