Musical Musings: New on my Playlist

I might have finished my musical A to Z journey last week but that doesn’t mean no more music on the blog – no sirrah!

I’m actually excited this week as I get to feature two new songs that I actually like – something that doesn’t happen all that often these days. I usually feel like an old woman, lamenting the substandard songs of nowadays and remembering with fondness the music of my youth…

It doesn’t help that I no longer listen to the young and hip stations as they are seriously painful. It seems like the same songs are played over and over and, yes I’m going to say it, they all sound the same.

Old fogey right here!

But I have found some treasure in the midst of the mediocre. I’m featuring tracks from two of the hottest acts around right now – Bruno Mars and Chris Brown – and they seriously groove.


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I’m not a fan of everything either of them have ever done but I do seriously enjoy these offerings – possibly because they both hark back to the sort of music that I revere! Full of R&B vibes and soulful grooves – just the way I like it.

Chris Brown – Fine China

This reminds me of classic R&B with elements of Michael Jackson and 80’s grooves thrown in – very easy to listen to!

Bruno Mars – Treasure

Even the video clip harks back to the disco hits of the 70s – I absolutely love this track, it’s gold!

Do you have any recommendations when it comes to new music?

And have you found yourself drifting away from mainstream as you grow older? Or am I the only old fogey around here????

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4 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    Hi Kirsty, there are so many new artists that sit left of centre that you can actually listen to and get lost in the lyrics.

    There are days when I just want to breathe – so I listen to these:

    Lorde – Royals
    Sara Bareilles – Gravity
    Rumer – Sara Smile
    Rebecca Ferguson – Nothing’s Real But Love
    Emile Sande – Next To Me
    Colbie Caillat – Realize
    Dia Frampton – Heartless
    We The Kings – Say You Like Me
    Zedd (and Hayley Williams) – Stay The Night

    I scour the internet for new artists and being a radio person, try and learn what makes an artist tick and why they sing what they sing.

    The best music to me grabs me, talks to me, means something to me and most importantly, makes me crave more.

  2. Not new music, but I have been listening to Pigeon John to get rid of my bad mood due to certain people challenging the same sex marriage laws in the ACT (the song has nothing to do with that, but you can’t be angry or depressed singing and clapping to it!)

  3. I am also listening to the sensational Fefe everytime I’m in the car by myself as I have to learn the lyrics of this song to perform at song club (it’s very fast to get the words out in time…) If you like this, he’s at So French, So Chic in January, and kids under 12 are free (cos the French are so lovely!) He’s BRILLIANT live.
    Lydia C. Lee recently posted..Stumped!

  4. As far as new music goes, I like Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, and Ice Sea Dead People. You should also check out a friend of mine from Port Hedland, Brad Holder.
    Dave @ The Sound and the Fury recently posted..Under Neath What

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