Musical Musings: Hits of 1993

In a few weeks I’m attending my 20 year school reunion. I really can’t believe it has been 20 years since I left high school. In some ways it still feels like a couple of years ago, not a couple of decades!

I do not feel like someone on the verge of middle age. I am yet to find a grey hair amidst the blonde but more importantly, I just don’t feel old.  How can I be two years away from 40?

The years have certainly passed but my school days, in some ways, still feel like yesterday. Possibly those days are kept alive by my love of 90s music.

I’ve mentioned before that my iTunes library is very 90s heavy – it seems I just can’t let go of the music of my youth.

So today I’m staying young by playing some of my favourites from my HSC year – 1993!

Boom Boom Shake the Room

That’s the Way Love Goes

Deeper and Deeper

Too Young to Die

What were your favourite tunes from 1993?

And do you still hold onto the songs of your youth?

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  1. Mumabulous says:

    Have the best time at your school re-union. I was fresh out of university in 1993 – I have some vague recollections of hanging out to the wee small hours in the Bank Hotel in Newtown and vodka, lime and soda but the vat full. Funnily I cant recall much else 😉 Jamiroquai rocks!
    Mumabulous recently posted..More Interesting Than Miley

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