Musical Musings A to Z: Y is for You Am I

It’s the penultimate week in my quest through the musical alphabet – I can’t quite believe we are nearly at the end!

You can check out my earlier posts here. Looking back it has been quite the journey travelling through decades, across genres, touching on a wide variety of artists.

This week brings us to Y and I have decided to feature alternative Australian band, You Am I.

You Am Iimage source

I have to confess that I don’t own a You Am I album. They are one of those bands who I’ve appreciated over the years but have never felt the deep need to add to my collection. Having said that, these two songs are now newly installed on my iTunes library – they are truly classic tunes.

Heavy Heart

I have always enjoyed listening to this song although it is rather poignant and sad. The simple acoustic guitar lends the right note of pathos, as does Tim Rodgers’ vocals too.

Purple Sneakers

I love the minor chord changes in this song and the bridge is awesome too with the haunting strings and acoustic guitar dominating the way to the chorus. Just an awesome song in so many ways!

That’s my Y selection for this week. I thought I better spare you the flashback to Yazz… 😉

Make sure you come back for the 26th and final post in my series – who will I choose as my Z artist???

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7 Responses

  1. I would never have picked you for a You Am I fan. These last three letters of the alphabet have been really stretching you, Kirsty. But it’s for the best, I feel.

    Take a listen to their albums “Hi Fi Way” (which includes “Purple Sneakers” ) and “Hourly Daily”. Both classic albums. Their live album “Saturday Night ‘Round Ten” isn’t a bad listen either. It’s a nice summation of their early career with spirited live performances. The “Dress Me Slowly” LP is a good listen too if you want an easier starting point.

    Failing that, the best of “The Cream and the Crock” is the place to start, but it only tells part of the story…

    Can’t wait for Z!
    Dave @ The Sound and the Fury recently posted..My Guest Post (Director’s Cut)

    • Kirsty says:

      You are really pushing me with this aren’t you? You seem to be enjoying it a little too much for my liking…!

      • I don’t take pleasure in this in a macabre sense. I don’t think I’m pushing you, but if you feel that way then I apologise – that is not my intention. I do find it fascinating though, seeing your choices from week to week.
        Dave @ The Sound and the Fury recently posted..TSATF Recommends: Brad Holder

        • Kirsty says:

          No, you’re not pushing me at all, you’re just keeping me honest 🙂 Don’t apologise! I’m finding it fascinating to analyse my own preferences each week through the narrow lens of the starting letter of a band rather than by genre or any other musical definition. I certainly have a new appreciation for my own tastes where normally I’d just be self-deprecating and say I’m just into the lowest denominator of pop. Z has pushed me a bit but I can honestly say that I really do genuinely enjoy the songs that I’m featuring tomorrow…!

          • >”I’d just be self-deprecating and say I’m just into the lowest denominator of pop.”

            I had a feeling you’d say that. No offense, but I’ve had that thought too, which is why it’s been fascinating to see what you’ve come up with. You’ve proven that you’re into heaps more that the run-of-the-mill kind of stuff.
            The Sound and the Fury recently posted..Vale Philip Chevron of The Pogues

  2. Oh, and I meant to say here as well, that I didn’t like them based on what I’d heard on record/the radio until I saw them as support act for Soundgarden in Newcastle Jan ’97. They were intense. I was converted to a fan that day. They’re definitely a live band, if ever there was one…
    Dave @ The Sound and the Fury recently posted..My Guest Post (Director’s Cut)

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