Musical Musings A to Z: U is for U2

How are you all this fine Sunday? I’m feeling a little pleased with myself as this week I discovered that the musical A to Z thing (which I have been doing for a while now) must be a good idea. One of the local radio stations are now devoting time each day to playing the A to Z of music over the last 5 decades – I’m obviously on a winner here folks (just remember that I came up with the idea first, okay?)

If you are interested in seeing how I have travelled the alphabet so far, have a look here – it’s a musical smorgasboard that crosses genres, decades, genders and styles. As I’ve gone through this I’ve discovered that there are many other artists I would love to feature each week so I may have to revisit this concept again next year – it really has been a whole lot of fun.

This week we arrive at U and I’m featuring one of the biggest bands of the last 3 decades – U2.


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They really do know how to knock out the hits and, as always, it’s been really hard to narrow down my choices today.

I have decided to go with two of their earlier hits which are just classic U2 – intricate guitar riffs, strong, melodic bass, rhythmic drum work and, of course, Bono’s unmistakeable vocals.

New Year’s Day

I just love this – the intro is unmistakeable and gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it. This is one I love to sing out loud to in the car while driving while drumming my fingers on the steering wheel in time to the driving beat – classic U2.

 All I Want is You

I really wanted to find the original music video to this as it’s a visual feast but I couldn’t find it on youtube – if anyone does have a link to it, send it this way as it’s one of the most memorable clips I remember from my youth. The song itself is a triumph of guitar riffs, haunting strings, staccato drums and hypnotic bass – an all time U2 classic.

Who would have been your picks as your U artist? I must admit there are not many others I would have picked but would love to hear your suggestions.

I hope you can come back again and join in with the fun as I speed towards the end of my alphabet quest – it should be an interesting ride!

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2 Responses

  1. Mystery Case says:

    I’m off now to find my U2 CDs.
    Mystery Case recently posted..Later than Late to the Party with a CONFESSION!

  2. I used to really love U2 up until “Achtung Baby” was released in 1991, and I thought it was crap. I haven’t liked any of their music ever since.

    Still, “All I Want Is You” is probably the best song they have ever released, in my view.

    If I was picking a “U” artist, I’d look at Uriah Heap, the Undertones, Ups and Downs, Uncle Tupelo, Uncanny X-Men or Urge Overkill.
    The Sound and the Fury recently posted..An untimely passing…

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