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I admit that I am a sucker for politics. I have always been interested in how our country is run and the policies put in place to guide our country forward and the personalities taking us there.

I confess that I have always been an avid watcher of election coverage and one of my dreams is to host an election party sometime (if I could only find some like minded friends – anyone up for a virtual election party on September 7?)

I’m a very big fan of the ABC’s Antony Green – he’s THE man when it comes to all things election – and I’m very much looking forward to The Chaser and Gruen election specials who promise to cut through the crap and tell it like it is. Thank god!

Because it’s not like we’re getting the truth or even an element of the truth these days from our politicians. We don’t even have the luxury of enjoying proper policy debates anymore.

Yes, policy seems to be a rare commodity these days. I mean real policy, not the quick sound-bite slogans such as “stop the boats” which don’t really mean anything yet are spruiked ad nauseum in place of policy. Because apparently that’s more important these days.

I’m sick of the politicking on both sides and the scramble for the most centrist position possible in order to gain positive polling results in the hope that will actually matter come election day. It seems policy, true, visionary policy, has been the victim of the 24 hour newscycle and the quest for votes.

I can’t speak for you, but I just want to cut through the crap and clearly understand what each party stands for. I want to read through the spin and the political bias of many commentators and know what I will be voting for on polling day.

I can’t believe that we still do not know the economic position of the Coalition, despite their strong attacks on the government over their economic credentials. I am sick of the cheap political attacks such as Labor’s fear mongering about the Coalition and their “plans” to perhaps increase the GST rate.

Kevin Rudd Tony Abbott

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I watched the leaders debate on Sunday night and just wanted to shake them both and yell in my best mother voice “just answer the question already!” Instead of real debate, all we got was more soundbites, evasion of difficult questions and carefully steered responses that allowed the leader to push their own repetitive barrel once again.

I came out not seeing a clear winner and, frankly, with many more questions than answers.

How are the Coalition going to afford the tax cuts they are proposing with a dwindling tax base and falling revenue? How is the government going to afford the NDIS and Gonski education reforms going forward?

Why can’t either side support marriage equality? Why can’t we look at asylum seeker policy in a less politically charged way and recognise these are real people fleeing real dangers?

Regardless of your political leanings (and in the interests of full disclosure I’m on the left), we should all try to understand where each party really stands on the issues that matter most to us. We certainly deserve greater policy discussion so we can understand how each side plans to govern and make an informed choice when we vote on September 7.

The ABC Australia Votes site has a policy summary for each major party which can help provide you with more information if required (without the spin of the parties or the bias of the newspapers). You can also check out their Vote Compass to see where you sit on the Australian political landscape. Again, in the interests of full disclosure I sit between Labor and the Greens – told you I was left leaning!

Are you as frustrated at the state of politics as I am? Do you want to shout “show me the policy!” to each leader, channeling your inner Cuba Gooding Jnr?

Would you be interested in having a virtual election party on the big night? Or am I going to be big dag, all on my own (as usual…!)


Daring to brave a political discussion as part of Jess’ IBOT linkup.

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14 Responses

  1. I used to be pretty keen on politics. I got interested when I lived in the US. It’s amazing how different countries can be when it comes to electing a leader. But I have to say, I’m pretty disillusioned with the whole thing these days. The world is going down the shitter, why? Because of politicians and decisions they have made through the years. I don’t like either leaders, I agree with things from both parties and disagree with things from both parties. It feels like a lose-lose situation. The politicians get richer and more powerful and the average every day Aussie gets shafted more and more. Taxed more and more. I’m sure I’ll be following along come election time, and would join in a virtual party, but I might pick up my bat and ball and go home early because the only thing worse than politicians is “news” outlets covering politics! Sorry to get a bit ranty myself! xo Aroha
    Aroha @ Colours of Sunset recently posted..I Birthday on Tuesdays

    • Kirsty says:

      I completely understand the rant Aroha. If you’re in the mood on the night, join in for as long as you can stand but I do understand if you are completely over it by that point!

  2. JackieK_ says:

    Oh my god yes, you have nailed it here. This feels like the cheapest, most cynical, least informative election campaign in Australia’s history. The electorate is exhausted anyway from what feels like a 5 year election campaign, and at the same time we have less information about what each side is truly going to do if they win, than I can believe!
    The treatment of asylum seekers is sick-making and shameful, and both leaders are truly uninspiring. This is a depressing campaign.
    But, I’m kind of still glued to it, and I will join in an online election party on the night!
    JackieK_ recently posted..Housework: the eternal battle

  3. Shari says:

    Oh, I’m hearing you Kirsty – frustrated AND embarrassed by the lack of political meat on both sides. I conjured images of Don’s Party there for a bit LOL, we’ll be out at a function on September 7th but I know that Max is planning for live streaming on the ipad under the table!!
    Shari recently posted..You don’t have to win every battle …

  4. Mrs BC says:

    I am SO frustrated by Australian politics at the moment, for this exact reason! I just wish they would cut the crap and get real. This might give me an indication of who to vote for as well, I sure as hell don’t like any of the options we’ve got.
    Mrs BC recently posted..Coffee Tasting at Merlo

  5. Tegan says:

    I had become a lot more interested in politics in the last 5 or 6 years and how it impacts myself and my family. I usually completely ignore the media and instead go straight to the source and read the policies on each parties website. However this election, there is nothing more than sound bites there too. Ok so both sides plan to better the health systems…that’s great but how do they plan to do it? My idea of ‘better’ and theirs might be completely different. Politics at the moment has been reduced to nothing more than a popularity contest of the same strain as a reality tv show.
    Tegan recently posted..You don’t have haters

    • Kirsty says:

      You’ve hit the nail on the head Tegan – it’s so frustrating to watch the nothingness play out, with no real choice in the matter.

  6. Yep I just want a clear, concise answer without all the crap!
    It’s driving me nuts! Only a few weeks to go and all I can tell you is that Rudd will pass a conscience vote for gay marriage, send boats to PNG and that Abott will do…. Oh I have no flippin idea!
    And I did the quiz thing too. I’m on the other side with the conservative liberals 🙂
    EssentiallyJess recently posted..Paper On The Roll #IBOT

  7. I knew you’d be blogging about this lovely lady!! Esp after our late night FB catch up! I can’t even vote (but let’s not go there – grrr the way NZ’ers are treated worse than any other country in this country)
    Great post, my thoughts on politics, too much to say, no time to say it! xx
    Emily @ Have a laugh on me recently posted..Ten things men think but are usually smart enough not to say out loud!

    • Kirsty says:

      That sucks about not being able to vote – on the bright side, at least you don’t have to make a decision between tweedledum and tweedledee!

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