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Welcome to another round of revelations, care of the homemade confessional, I Must Confess.

As always you are invited to share your own confession or join in with the weekly prompt if you are looking for some extra inspiration.

This week’s prompt asks you to share an unloved post. A post where the views or the comment love, for whatever reason, just didn’t happen.

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It could have been early in your blogging journey before you found your feet and regular readers. It could have been a post that just did not resonate with the masses. It could have just been a bad day for you.

Who knows the exact reason, but very blogger will have a post (or quite a few, in my case :)) where the love just didn’t flow.

And it can really hurt. I know how much effort I place into my posts, so when you hear crickets when you tenderly deliver a post to the blogosphere, it can really get to you.

But never fear. It’s time for us all to share the posts that failed to shine the first time around and receive some much overdue comment love.

So are you in?

Link up your unloved post, or any confession that you care to share, and enjoy the community that just can’t help themselves from coming back for their weekly dose of over-sharing!

The Rules…

I must confess with My Home Truths

– I Must Confess is a link up that runs every Monday and remains live for the whole week.

– You can link up something old or new, we’re not fussy around here.

– Feel free to go with the prompt for the week or add your own confession, whatever suits.

– Please go forth and share the comment love – it is bloggy crack after all!

– We’re always open to suggestions for the weekly prompt!


Next week’s prompt – if you’re game, come clean with your most embarrassing social faux pas…

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15 Responses

  1. Rhianna says:

    What a great idea lovely. I had so many under read posts it was hard to choose, I went with the choices one because so much of it is still relevant even thouh it is months later. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses for a wonderful week ahead
    Rhianna recently posted..Things I Know About Things I Know

  2. Nat says:

    Great idea for the linkup. I would still blog regardless of comments, but it does feel nice to get some love on your writing.
    Nat recently posted..Digital Parents August Blog Carnival…. Finally 🙂

  3. Fabbo idea. I’m glad I’m not the only one who hears those darned crickets!!!!
    Janet @ Redland City Living recently posted..Stage Fright

  4. Love this idea – we all have quieter posts we want more love for, especially as some of our favourites just don’t seem to be favourites with our readers, lol.

    And I’ve found a couple of interesting posts by following these links, too.
    Tash Hughes recently posted..Learning from Problogger experts

  5. Ha ha – Yes! Those crickets. Thanks for having us :-). It can be tough. Sometimes you think a post is pretty darn good. You poured your heart into it… and then… silence. It can also be tough because it’s often bloggers that comment on other blogs, so you see the ‘traffic’ (lots of non bloggers reading it), but no comments. It goes back to… what are the reasons I blog for? (which Nat just wrote about.)
    Collett (FamilySmart) recently posted..Online addiction and Teens – fact of fiction?

  6. I agree… comments or not I blog my mind, lol. I’m surprised though when someone comments on a post from ages ago that I had forgotten about.
    Silly Mummy recently posted..[INFOGRAPHIC]: What Type of Facebook User Are You?

  7. Lani says:

    Great theme! I love delving into old posts, please do this type more often! Thanks for hosting 🙂
    Lani recently posted..Story: Part-time parenting

  8. Lisa says:

    Hi Kirsty, I have lost my blogging mojo the last few weeks so haven’t linked up to any blog linkups for a while. So I am dusting off the cobwebs to rejoin all the confessions.xx
    Lisa recently posted..Guest Post: Take Charge Now Blog.

  9. Best link up meme ever Kirst – gives us all a chance to go back and read old stuff, mine probably doesn’t deserve much more love, but the photo in it makes me smile! xx
    Emily @ Have a laugh on me recently posted..Why we all need time at the beach – Wordless Wednesday

  10. Well I believe I’ve cheated by linking up my latest post (Sunday) because I blogged rather late in the day yesterday and only received one comment. Possibly because it’s almost a vent post, covering a topic I’ve touched on before and it only has benefits for my existing clients who all like to remain anonymous in the blogosphere.
    Mystery Case recently posted..Pick Your Brain Sessions are getting a DETOX

  11. Jen Hale says:

    Genius…thanks for this suggestion.
    Jen Hale recently posted..Mind Matters

  12. victoria says:

    sometimes, i don’t remember if it’s ever happened with your blog, i’ll post a comment that is never received, or published, whatever the word is, and they are harmless comments so i know they were not deleted. i know i can’t be the only one this has happened to. and then there’s the times i just don’t feel like going through the series of steps involved in the comment procedure lol.

  13. Sue Miller says:

    Thanks for this idea. I have not really pushed comments on my blog – although I do know that it helps with your ranking on Google. Sue
    Sue Miller recently posted..Dear Stella – Ravena Chambray Paisley

  14. If I don’t comment on some of the blogs please forgive me, some of your ID options for commenting are not possible for me 🙁
    Silly Mummy recently posted..[INFOGRAPHIC]: What Type of Facebook User Are You?

  1. April 14, 2014

    […] comments than others? Why do some posts fail to attract any comments at all? We have looked at this before but I know I have quite a few posts that failed to receive any comment love the first time around […]

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