I Must Confess…Some Exciting News!

Hello my peeps! Yes, I’m back on deck after a week away which was absolutely glorious. Sure there were meltdowns on jumping pillows and silly buggers at night but overall it was so nice to get away from home and soak up some screen-free time with the family. I have included some of the “highlights” below (my photography really can’t be classed as a highlight, sorry!)

2013-07-12 09.34.18

My family on the train that travelled the park each day – you can just see Nathan’s jeans and the outline of Gilbert’s hat in the front row (I am a crap photographer!)

2013-07-12 09.28.07

Our home away from home

Jumping Pillow Fun

My three little bears having fun on the jumping pillow…

Jumping Pillow Meltdown

…before the inevitable meltdown – poor Delilah!

Holiday Sun

Some of the glorious weather we enjoyed during our break

2013-07-12 09.31.14

And some images of our last day away…

My eternal thanks to the wonderful Rhianna for so ably taking the reins in my absence and for all those who linked up. I am still to make it around to everyone (still on holiday time I’m afraid!) but thanks to all who still confessed while I was AWOL.

Now, there is no set prompt for this week so you are free to confess to whatever you like. Really. Go ahead. I dare you!

Okay, I’ll go first then, shall I?

This week, I want to confess to something utterly exciting and long overdue and daunting and scary and just absolutely amazing.

Intrigued yet?

Well, we can finally share the news that we have…bought a house!

My New House!

Isn’t it pretty? But I must confess that we’re afraid it’s much too good for us…!

Long story short – as long term readers would know, we sold our little old house in March last year with a view to upgrading. We bought a block of land last June to build our dream home but ran into a lot of problems along the way. Little, niggly issues that most other people would be able to overcome but issues that seemed insurmountable to us.

After my diagnosis of depression and anxiety we decided it would be best to sell the land to reduce some of the stress and strain on us as a family and were lucky enough to find a buyer within two weeks of putting it on the market. We were then lucky enough to find THE house.

We are very excited and happy but daunted by the size of our mortgage and in awe of how good the house is. I confess we are experiencing a bit of “we’re not worthy” syndrome at the moment, but I’m sure we’ll get over it!

It will be ours in a few weeks, just a few days before my birthday. Nathan says it’s my birthday present. I told him, if that was the case, he’s set the bar far too high so he’ll be getting something from Crazy Clark’s for his birthday instead!

I must confess that I will be seriously annoyed if there isn’t a little something else forthcoming on the day…

So, there’s my exciting news. Be prepared to be bombarded with moving posts, interior design ideas and gardening gems. Wait, this is my blog we’re talking about so I’ll probably just continue to talk about myself, as usual!

Hit me with your confessions. Do you have any exciting news? Or any ideas on how to fit into a house that’s way too good for you? Anything at all…?

You know what to do…

The Rules…

I must confess with My Home Truths

– I Must Confess is a link up that runs every Monday and remains live for the whole week.

– You can link up something old or new, we’re not fussy around here.

– Feel free to go with the prompt for the week or add your own confession, whatever suits.

– Please go forth and share the comment love – it is bloggy crack after all!


Next week’s prompt – what do you do when you think no-one’s looking? Thanks to Emily for this possibly dangerous prompt!

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39 Responses

  1. How exciting and how gorgeous does your house look. Can’t wait to see more photos.

    I was rather slack with catching up with everyone’s confessions last week and will be missing in action for a lot of this week (we are still on school holidays here).

    I will pop back later in the week.

    Mystery Case recently posted..Warts & All?!

    • Kirsty says:

      There will be lots more photos once we’re in there Raych – I can’t wait to share more of it with you all. Have a great week – enjoy some time with your family!

  2. Me says:

    Looks like you had a lovely holiday – I’m so pleased for you !!!

    CONGRATULATIONS on your new home – I wondered when you said you had some exciting news whether it would be house related !!!! I am sure that you will be so happy there – it looks like a lovely place.

    Have the best day !
    Me recently posted..I Must Confess

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Me – it is a lovely place (hence the ‘we’re not worthy’ feeling!) and I can’t wait to get in there now and make it our own. Hope you have a fantastic week, my friend!

  3. Cathy says:

    That’s very exciting news – congratulations! All the best for the move x
    Cathy recently posted..Flashback Friday – Beverly Hills 90210

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Cathy! Do you have any tips for moving 3 kids? I know you recently moved yourself – any tips would be gratefully received!!!!

  4. ann says:

    Wow such exciting news!! Good luck with the move and getting settled.

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Ann – it’s going to be a busy few weeks but I can’t wait to get in there and get everything settled and sorted out…finally!

  5. Oh wow Kirsty – how wonderful for you all! The house looks just beautiful! Congratulations & wishing you every happiness!
    Jodie@FreshHomeCook recently posted..Rainbow Sausage Rolls

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Jodie – I’m sure we’ll have lots of good times there. It certainly feels right when we are there so hoping that’s a good sign!

  6. Aroha says:

    OMG Kirsty!!! That house looks amazing! I am so happy for you! And jealous beyond belief! Glad you enjoyed your week away, it is really important to have those weeks! If only they happened more often right? x
    Aroha recently posted..Buried In The Subconscious

    • Kirsty says:

      More of those sorts of weeks would be heaven – that’s certainly what I felt when I headed back to work again today!!!

  7. Tegan says:

    How exciting! The house looks gorgeous, congratulations.
    Tegan recently posted..I must confess…giant ball of anxiety

  8. Rhianna says:

    Oh congratulation Kirsty that is so super exciting! And what a beautiful looking house it is as well. Best of luck with all moving, don’t evny you on that one.
    Rhianna recently posted..Things I Know About Cricket

    • Kirsty says:

      The moving part is the bit I’m looking forward to least but it is unfortunately a necessary evil if we are to finally get into our dream home…

  9. Glad you had a lovely holiday, and what a fabulous house! No wonder you’re excited! I look forward to seeing and reading all about it over the coming months 🙂
    Janet @ Redland City Living recently posted..The Contented Fashionista

    • Kirsty says:

      I’m glad you’re keen on finding out more Janet as I have a feeling the move and the new house will be the subject of a few posts before we’re all done and dusted!

  10. Oooh how exciting, a new home and it looks gorgeous! Good for you, for recognising the other situation was just not going to be worth the mental angst. xxx

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Lisa. We really did try with the house build but it was going to be way too stressful and I’m really relieved that we recognised that fact before we reached the point of no return.

  11. Oh, wow – that is exciting news! Congratulations, and I’m looking forward to reading all about it. Hope all goes well with the move, it’s a big upheaval but so worth it 🙂
    Lisa@Circle of Toast recently posted..Five Reasons Why I Don’t Want a Thermomix

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Lisa. It’s going to be an interesting time (particularly with the 3 kids) but I’m hoping we can get through it relatively unscathed!

  12. Debyl1 says:

    So very happy for you Kirsty.
    Can feel your excitement in every word.
    This beautiful house is a new beginning and I look forward to seeing lots of photos of you making this house your happiness home.xx

  13. Congratulations! Of course you are worthy! Enjoy your new place and fill it with many happy memories! 😀
    Jody at Six Little Hearts recently posted..A Journey of a Single Step Begins With a Thousand Miles

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Jody. I know it is a silly feeling to have but we have never owned anything quite so nice before – I don’t want to let the house down, if you know what I mean?

  14. Lisa says:

    hi Kirsty,so glad you got a lovely break away! Double Congrats on your new house! We have sold our old house too, & brought a new house 2 hours away on the coast-a sea change…change is hard to deal with, but I think makes you grow as a person.Best of luck with the move!
    Lisa recently posted..I Must Confess…I got hacked!!

    • Kirsty says:

      How exciting – a sea change! All the very best with it Lisa, I hope it is the start of many wonderful things for you and your family x

  15. Zita says:

    Oh wow! Big news! Congratulations!! What exciting times ahead for you!!
    Zita recently posted..for a free dinner!

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Zita. It’s been a long time coming but I’m so excited that we are finally moving on into our very own dream home!

  16. Rhiannon says:

    Omg u my dear are so worthy of this house which you and your family will make your home! Not sure how I convince u of that but I hope that very soon it will feel like your home and therefore you will find that sense of belonging… All the best lovely xx

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks so much for that! I’m sure it will eventually seem like home (it certainly feels right when we are there) but it is such a step up from our last little old abode. I’m already daunted by keeping it looking so good – maybe a gardener and a cleaner might be in order???

  17. Looks like your family had an awesome holiday. I love holiday parks. So much for everyone to do.

    The house – amazing! Congratulations.

    Vanessa @ babblingbandit.me recently posted..I must confess: Blogging is starting to contribute to my anxiety

  18. Shari says:

    Wooohoooo …. how exciting about your house – it looks gorgeous!!! YAY you for wonderful things ahead! xx

  19. Jo Tracey says:

    Congratulations- that’s wonderful news…
    Jo Tracey recently posted..How to make: Ayam Kapitan…Kapitan Chicken

  20. JackieK_ says:

    How great are those jumping pillows! Reminds me of the Big4 we stayed at in Merimbula once, which turned out to be one of the best holidays we’ve ever had. Beautiful location, great for the kids and lots of colourful parrots on our deck every morning. Doesn’t get much better than that.
    Your house looks beautiful – you definitely made the right move. Building sounds like a very stressful and long undertaking and I don’t think I would ever do it. Enjoy your house!
    JackieK_ recently posted..I must confess… I’m trying something I don’t know if I can do

  21. Jen Hale says:

    It’s sooo exciting that you have bought your dream home. It also looks soooo wonderful. Of course you are worthy, it’s the dream house!! I look forward to hearing all about it.
    Jen Hale recently posted..My Top 5 Reflections of the Past Week

  22. Ness says:

    A VERY late link up from me.

    Congratulations on the new home, Kirsty! I wish you and your family many years of happiness living there. xo
    Ness recently posted..The Bogan Is Back!!

  1. July 16, 2013

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