I Must Confess…My Best Experience Ever!

Welcome to another round of confessions, secrets and revelations at the home-made confessional of My Home Truths.

As you know, each week you are invited to link up a confession. There is a set prompt to write to or you can link up your own confession post, which can be old or new. This week’s prompt is your best ever experience.

After some soul searching (surely I should rate my wedding day, honeymoon or the birth of the kids up there?) I came to the realisation that my best ever experience was my first overseas holiday when I was 14 years old.

It was a pivotal crossroads in my life.

I went on a choir trip to Europe, without my parents, and it really did change my life. We met Pope John Paul II at a papal audience, sang at a mass at St Peter’s Basilica and visited most of the major European sightseeing spots.

It ignited my love of history and of architecture and of travel. I departed Australia a little girl who had not ventured too far away from home or away from my parents before. I returned, a month later, as a young woman with a more mature outlook and a greater appreciation of the world around me.

Here are some poor copies of the very bad photos that I took at the time:

2013-06-30 19.52.21

Leaning Tower of Pisa | Eiffel Tower | Tower Bridge | St Peter’s Square

2013-06-30 20.21.52

Pope John Paul II | Bay of Naples | Garden at Pompeii | Fountain in Rome

2013-06-30 20.25.29

Tower of London | Notre Dame | Garden of Versailles | Olympic Ski Jump, Innsbruck

Here’s a photo of my choir companions:

2013-06-30 20.18.00

And a few of my sweet, 14 year old self:

2013-06-30 19.53.04

I can’t really explain how much that trip changed me. But it did. And I will be forever grateful to my parents who let me go and my nan who helped finance my “grand tour”.

What has been your best ever experience?

Spill the beans below or feel free to confess to something else if you prefer. You know you want to…

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N.B – I’m going away with the family next week to a caravan park with a jumping pillow, lots of holiday activities and an indoor heated pool (yet little internet access – how does that work???). This means I will not be able to host next week’s linkup, sad but true.

But don’t despair – the lovely Rhianna from A Parenting Life (the very same Rhianna who sends us all butterfly kisses and fairy wishes) has agreed to be your host while I try to stop the kids from falling off the big jumping pillow or dunking each other in the indoor heated pool… Please linkup and continue to share in the fun!

Next week’s prompt – what are your must-read blogs? Thanks to Rhianna for this prompt and don’t forget to head over to her place for next week’s confessional!

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24 Responses

  1. Do you know I don’t actually have a best ever experience. Not one! I’ve had the wedding, the kids, the travel but not one moment stands out as being the greatest moment ever. I completely failed this week.
    Mystery Case recently posted..I must confess… I may need a moment for this one!

  2. Me says:

    What a great experience. I think that travel at any age is a wonderful way to grow as a person. You learn so much and see so many diverse cultures and ways of life and just how different things can be – I will be forever grateful that we were able to take K travelling throughout her childhood and I hope that she continues to do this as she gets older.
    Thanks again for a great linky ! I hope you are having a great holiday and no accidents off jumping pillows or dunking heads !
    Have the best break !

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Me – I’m looking forward to taking the kids on their first OS holiday in the next year or so. It really was a turning point for me and I hope to offer them the same chance for self-discovery!

  3. Tegan says:

    What an awesome experience. I can see why it changed your life, such a beautiful city.
    Tegan recently posted..Time of our lives

    • Kirsty says:

      It was all so amazing – my mind was blown. But I have to confess that, being the typical 14 yo that I was, I still had time to ponder what soap the Pope used for his hands – they were so incredibly soft and smooth!

  4. Janet says:

    What lovely memories. I went on a trip with my choir too, when I was 16. Nowhere near as exciting as yours, though it WAS my first trip to Sydney so pretty darn good in my book!
    Janet recently posted..The Morning After

    • Kirsty says:

      The first trip away on your own, wherever it may be, that’s always going to hold special memories, isn’t it?

  5. Rhianna says:

    What a super exciting best experience you have there lovely. I can only imagine what it would have been like you lucky thing. Thanks for hosting and so super excited to be able to help you out next week!

    Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely lady
    Rhianna recently posted..I must confess my height of excitement

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks for agreeing to help out Rhi. And kudos to you and your best ever experience – I know I could never jump out of a plan – never, ever. Respect, my friend!

  6. Zita says:

    WOW! what an amazing experience to have at such a young age!
    Zita recently posted..to confess some regrets

    • Kirsty says:

      I know – I often look back in amazement. I still remember going home when we first heard about the tour and asking if I could go (knowing there would be no chance at all) and then finding out that I could – such an amazing opportunity, I was very, very lucky!

  7. How amazing to see all this at just 14 – what an experience! Have a fantastic holiday, enjoy the no internet. See you when you get back 🙂
    Emily @ Have a laugh on me recently posted..I got shot, I sucked it up, and made a button!

  8. What a great experience! I went on a school ski-trip to Austria when I was 14, and it was fantastic, it turned out that I did not suck at ski-ing as much as I’d expected to! Thanks for hosting the link-up, and hope you have a lovely break 🙂
    Lisa@Circle of Toast recently posted..Not drinking the Pink Kool-Aid

  9. Lisa says:

    How fantastic for a 14 year old you!I went on a trip to the US by myself at 18years old and the same as you,it changed me in ways I can’t describe. Look forward to next weeks must reads too. Enjoy your family holiday xx
    Lisa recently posted..New blog direction for MummyManifesto

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Lisa. I really hope I can offer my kids the same opportunity. There’s nothing like heading overseas and realising just how big and awesome and inspiring this world of ours really is!

  10. How strange my comment posted twice and both times with half the comment missing. Must remember to not try and comment from my phone in future.

    Your post has inspired me to set up funds for all the girls so we can afford to send them on at least one of the many overseas trips offered throughout their high school years.

    Our school didn’t offer an overseas trips, I think the biggest trip was to spend a week at a retreat with the nuns. Our girls seem to be offered an overseas holiday at least once a year.

    Enjoy your time away, I will be thinking of you. I did put my hand up to help out but was out and about and on the phone yesterday so didn’t see your callout till too late. Keep me in mind for next time.
    Mystery Case recently posted..I must confess… I may need a moment for this one!

    • Kirsty says:

      I will definitely call on your services in future Raych, as long as you are up for it! We have bank accounts set up for the kids and are hoping to utilise them in future for some overseas trips – there really is nothing better than an OS education!

  11. What a wonderful experience Kirsty! I will never forget my trips & hope my little ones get the opportunity to travel when they’re old enough!! 🙂
    Jodie@FreshHomeCook recently posted..Spiced Pumpkin & Poppy Seed Muffins with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

    • Kirsty says:

      Same here Jodie – it really is an amazing opportunity, let’s hope our kids get the same chance to explore the wonders of the world beyond our shores!

  12. Kirsty says:

    You haven’t failed at all Raych – you just have too many to choose from!

  13. I wish I had such an experience at 14! My big deal at that age was a trip to the local 7/11 for a Slurpee!
    What a sensational family for scratching up such a huge trip for you! I can only dream of providing the same for my own kids.
    My daughter may have the chance to visit France when she’s older if she does well in the language at school. They will handpick the best students. I will be doing the fundraising for her if she is chosen with much pride and excitement!
    Jody at Six Little Hearts recently posted..A Journey of a Single Step Begins With a Thousand Miles

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