Musical Musings A to Z: P is for Robert Palmer

I’m back, after an unplanned hiatus, to continue with my Musical Musings quest throughout the alphabet. You can check out some of my earlier posts here.

I could have chosen so many artists this week starting with the letter P. The Prodigy, Powderfinger, Pulp, Pearl Jam, Paul Mac and Prince, just to name a few. But I have gone for a bit of a different choice this week, with the late, great Robert Palmer.

Robert Palmer

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If you are not sure whether you know Robert Palmer or not, just imagine identically clad models gyrating with musical instruments and you would probably have a picture of either the “Simply Irresistible” or “Addicted to Love” videos in your mind.

I love his voice and his style – I do have a thing for a man in a suit. His hits are classics, even those of his earlier career, as seen in songs like “Doctor Doctor” and “Some Like it Hot”.

I have included three of my favourite Robert Palmer hits today – they take me right back to the glorious 80s!

She Makes My Day
This song combines some of my favourite musical elements – strings, bass and harmonies with some of the sweetest lyrics ever. I would seriously swoon if anyone ever sang or played something like this for me (hint, hint my darling husband!)

Addicted to Love

I should not like this song. Yet I do. I can’t explain it, except the tune is catchy and the video just makes me laugh – I love the “sultry” looks coming from the models although I think some of them may be in need of proper lingerie…

Simply Irresistible

This is such a classic 80s tune. The video is iconic and the whiplash sound-effects are somehow perfect (they really don’t belong in songs normally, do they?) It’s sad but it’s true – I really do find this track simply irresistible!

What would you have picked as your P artist?

Hope you can join me next time as I continue along my musical odyssey through the alphabet!

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4 Responses

  1. Janet says:

    Yep with you on Robert Palmer – these songs were big when the hubster & I first got together so hold a special place in my heart 😉
    Janet recently posted..My Week According to Instagram 13 – Linky

  2. I don’t mind Robert Palmer. We have Pink on replay at the moment due to the fact she was in town this week and I’m loving her new songs as much as some of her older ones.

    I was lucky enough to catch Pseudo Echo live tonight, they covered a lot of 80s songs not just their own and it was a great night in Funky Town!
    Mystery Case recently posted..I must confess… I may need a moment for this one!

    • Kirsty says:

      I don’t mind Pink but for some reason I have never been a huge fan – can’t quite explain why, but she’s never really grabbed me. Did you get to see her in concert? I know she puts on a great show.

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