Giveaway! Disney on Ice presents Princesses & Heroes

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  1. Lydia C. Lee says:

    No entering but just wanted to say enjoy the show – I’ll have to get tix in Syd, so thanks for the reminder. It’s only list of things to do.

  2. How exciting – great giveaway! I’ve thought about buying some tickets in Brisbane, but haven’t done it yet. I’m sure the Big Sister would love it though! :)

  3. Lisa Wood says:

    Kyle is our Prince in our family (he is seven) and walks around all day playing games! He calls me “Your Majesty” and wears hats as if is a prince.
    He also has the most amazing imagination.

  4. My Husband is the princess in our house. He fusses over his hands when he does the dishes, rubbing moisteriser in afterwards, and anxiously asks me if the fading at his temples looks like gray. Princess.

  5. Facebooked like already!! Oh my oh my I would be doing my Miss H the biggest parental fail if I didn’t enter this one!! She is absolutely the princess in our family – she rules the house!! “I am the princess mummy” she tell me, “and you are the Queen – because Queens are old”. Oh thanks darling!!! She is always wearing a princess dress of some kind – tonight she was sleeping Beauty (oh if only I could be her!!) and she twirled around the rugby pitch while Master J was training refusing point blank to wear a jumper (and it was freezing) “because then nobody will be able to see my dress mummy!!”

  6. ann says:

    I would love to take my kids to this next year, this year is out for us as I will not be leaving the house thanks to being heavily pregnant around that time!! I wish I was the princess or queen of our house but this house is definately run by the kids!!

  7. Miss Cinders says:

    Oh wow! Way cool! I’ve never been to anything like that. I always wondered if they were as good as the teevee made out they were!

    The Princess of my house it TEM10, she’s bared the nickname since she was a newborn, and lived up to it since!

    Living in the sticks it’s an unusual scene watching her fluff around the home paddock dressed up in all her Princess glory – and boots – with her doggy in a carry bag, singing and talking to everything – including the trees – and having full on conversations with them, singing and dancing about.

    She is a true little Princess.

    We have a whole collection of Disney too, the kids have all loved Disney. I think the two littlies are the luckiest ones out of all of them though, they inherited all the movies from the older kids, so their collection is huge compared to what the big kids had!

    MC x

  8. Trish says:

    I have two little Princes , they used to take my hand to kiss the back of it .Now they fight to be the first to open the car door for me …if it is the front door they fight to beat me and each through it.

  9. Samantha Y says:

    I have a little princess who’s favorite colour is LELLOW,
    She prances round in dresses INSISTING they’re not yellow.
    Miss princes thinks she’s Belle in her LELLOW princess dress,
    Twirling round the house, sorry ballroom (yes she knows what’s best).
    Be it shopping for the day or even garden choirs,
    “Mummy I need my makeup” before she steps out the door.
    A princess for a day, a week. A princess for a year
    Let her have her princess dreams before the princess phase disappear,
    Watching her grow up right in front of me.
    I cherish LELLOW princess moments before that’s the end of thee. :(

  10. Kristina S says:

    I have 2 daughters, both very much girly girls, who love pretend play and dressing up… Forever my 2 Princesses & my happily ever after.

  11. Karen Edwards says:

    We have a brand new little Princess is our lives our 9 week old baby girl Mia, The room lights up when she gives us a big smile :-)

  12. Shannon ONeill says:

    Ha Ha, Well I have a daughter, but I have to say the biggest princess in our family is my husband :) you should see the way he carries on if he shes a spider!

  13. Melinda says:

    Just recently I returned from a five day, child free holiday. Bringing home with me some wonderful swimwear for Miss four.
    Miss four decided she wanted to parade the swimwear I had bought. So out she comes with swimmers on, plastic high heels, a necklace, a towel over her shoulder and a handbag! All this to music too. Now that’s a princess!

  14. Wendy S says:

    In our house it’s Miss18 who’s the Princess, she always manages to get everyone to do things for her. Miss16 isn’t impressed!

  15. Meagan Laimanovski says:

    My little Miss 3 is totally a princess but she is not just a princess she is a rock star princess so she will dress up like a princess with dress, tiara, bag and shoes and then put on her brothers sunnies, grab her hair brush and start singing…

  16. Angie Boylan says:

    I have two boys one definitely a proud prince but the other is my drama queen – everything has to go his way or else there is a meltdown and watch out to everyone else!

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