Musical Musings A to Z: H is for Hall & Oates

It’s week 8 of my musical quest through the alphabet and we have reached H. If you are new to the concept and want to see how my journey has panned out to this point, feel free to check out my previous posts:

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G is for Garbage

It’s time to head back to the 80’s and I am going to risk any credibility I have by owning up to a real love for Hall & Oates.


image source

Yes, I am a big, giant dag.

Listening to their classic hits takes me back to my primary school days, where life was easy. It brings back memories of fluro clothes, riding my bike all day long and dancing around at afternoon discos.

Their music is catchy and upbeat and fun. The bass lines are strong and the melodies just hook you in – I often find myself humming their songs for hours after hearing them.

And because I am such a big fan I will be sharing 3 of their songs with you today because I can’t just pick 2!

Private Eyes

Kiss On My List


Here’s to H for Hall & Oates – make sure you come back next week to continue on my musical alphabet quest!

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As it’s Sunday, I am linking up with Cate from Life Behind the Purple Door for the Sunday Session – go on and check out the other music posts linked up there this week!

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9 Responses

  1. How interesting. Having rebuilt the OS on my phone I’ve been without Spotify in the car, so I’ve dug out some CDs and – shock horror – I’ve listened to my own custom comp CD of Hall and Oates this week, compiled from some cheap vinyl I sourced a few years ago.

    See, my cred is shot now too. At least if I have to hang out in the graveyard of the formerly hip and credible, at least I’ll be in good company.
    The Sound and the Fury recently posted..Sunday Sessions: Brad Sucks

    • Kirsty says:

      Can I say I never thought you would be a Hall & Oates fan? But always happy to hang out with you in the graveyard of the hip and credible Dave!

      • Well, I was an 80s kid. I was young once – Shock! Horror! – and I wouldn’t say I was a fan, but I had a fleeting interest in them. They were ubiquitous during the first half of the 80s and, surprisingly, their work still sounds pretty good today, even through the rose-coloured glasses of nostalgia.
        The Sound and the Fury recently posted..Sunday Sessions: Brad Sucks

  2. I have 11 Hall and Oates songs on my iTunes so you’ve lost no credibility with me, though I would have put Rich Girl and Sarah Smile on my list! 😉
    Aroha @ Colours of Sunset recently posted..10 Things To Do At The Beach

    • Kirsty says:

      Good choices Aroha! I very nearly included Out of Touch as well – so many classics, glad I’m not the only one who enjoys them!

  3. Oh I can remember Maneater!!!
    Liked that song!!

    Coming by from Sunday Session
    Multiblogging Mum recently posted..Sunday Session – One Hit Wonders

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