Musical Musings A to Z: C is for Cake

Yes, it is a cliche but I seriously can’t believe it is Sunday again. This last week has flown by but at least today I can take a breath and soak in the music. It is Sunday after all!

For any newbies out there, I am undertaking a musical A to Z journey here on the blog every Sunday. My first two posts can be found here:

A is for Rick Astley

B is for Ben Folds Five

After reliving some of my Triple J days last week with Ben Folds Five, I’m heading back there again for another trip down memory lane. This time I’m reliving the magic of another alternative rock act, Cake.


image source

The lead singer, John McCrea, looks and sounds like B-grade Australian comedian Elliot Goblet and has a truly distinctive deadpan talking/singing style. Their music is actually impossible to describe and transcends many genres – there are as many songs that I dislike than those that I love.

But when they get it right, I think they really get it right. The two songs I’m going to share today showcase what I consider to be the best bits of this very distinctive band.

The Distance

The bass line in this song is simply awesome. One day I will learn to play the bass guitar and I will rock the house with this song!

Never There

This song also has a good bass line, together with a relentless, driving beat. Another one of my faves!

Here’s to C for Cake – make sure you come back next week to continue on my musical alphabet quest!

For the first time I am linking up with Cate from Life Behind the Purple Door for her first ever Sunday Session – go on and check out the other music posts linked up there this week!

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10 Responses

  1. Jo Tracey says:

    I love their versions of I will Survive and Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps. But my absolute fave is Short Skirt, Long Jacket…
    Jo Tracey recently posted..remarkably good eats…

    • Kirsty says:

      I love all those too Jo – there were quite a few road trips pre-kids where Fashion Nugget was played at full volume!

  2. Jules says:

    I’ve always liked the ‘Going the distance’ song, but I never knew who sang it. Now thanks to this post, I know. Thanks for sharing & I’m loving the A-Z.
    Jules recently posted..31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 5

  3. Thea says:

    Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about Cake. Great choices. Loving you r musical alphabet. Looking forward to D. 🙂
    Thea recently posted..a Set – Friday’s Fancies – Lace Love

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Thea. It is certainly a challenge to find the right artist for each letter but I have really enjoyed the ride so far!

  4. cate says:

    I’m discovering just how sheltered my musical upbringing has been – wait until I get to the music my dad listened to!

    Thanks for stopping by!
    cate recently posted..sunday sessions | the teen years

  5. You know, for all my bleating about indie/alternative music, two alternative bands from the 1990s I could never come at were The Eels and Cake. “The Distance”, however, is a great song that brings back memories of bands and gigs and parties of the time. Thanks for the post.
    The Sound and the Fury recently posted..Sunday Sessions: Andrew Ridgeley

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