I Must Confess…My Many Fears & Phobias

It’s another Monday which means it’s another opportunity to bare our souls as part of I Must Confess. It’s scientifically proven* to lift your mood and boost your spirits so you really should join in with the fun like the the 12 brave individuals who took part last week.

*it’s actually not scientifically proven but it is true, nonetheless

Just ask them, if you don’t believe me… BTW, thanks to each and every one of you for again taking part, you put a smile on my face during a particularly difficult week!

This week’s prompt asks us to share our irrational fears and phobias. I have quite a few to share, which probably explains quite a bit about my personality. I guess you can all be the judge of that…

I am scared of…mountains.  Since I can remember I have been scared of them. I can’t really explain why but the thought of having to go up a mountain fills me with dread. I do everything possible to avoid them, even if that means I travel hours out of the way to get to my destination. Irrational, yet true.

Mountainsimage source

I am scared of…the telephone. It is silly and irrational but I detest ringing people up on the telephone, especially people I have not called before. All I can say is thank goodness for the internet as it has allowed me to avoid a lot of calls to a lot of people over the last few years. Again, irrational, yet true.

Telephoneimage source

I am scared of…amputation. This is really weird, but I have always had a deep seated fear of having to lose a limb. There was a time when I was younger where I would have preferred to have died rather than agree to amputate any of my limbs in order to save my life. Again, I can’t explain it but I know I still have problems watching TV shows or movies where amputation is a possibility – possibly why I never got into Grey’s or so many other medical shows where amputation could be used as a dramatic plot device. Note that I could not bring myself to even try to find a picture to illustrate this fear…

I was scared of…a picture of the Sydney Opera House at night. This is honestly my earliest memory. I used to have a scrapbook of all sorts of photos that I loved to look through with my parents. But this one photo used to always freak me out. Even as a 3 year old I remember fingering the book and turning to the page before it. I’d take a deep breath and then move the page just enough to get the merest glance, before squealing in fright and running away. I think it had something to do with the freaky reflections on the water. Here is the closest example I could find of the picture in question:

Opera House at nightimage source

So there you go – my deepest, most irrational fears. Are you game enough to share your own? Or do have the need to get something else off your chest this week? Either way, link up your post, share the comment love and start your week off right!

The Rules…

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25 Responses

  1. LizC says:

    I share your “phone-phobia”. Not helpful that calling people is part of my job.
    I used to be afraid of automatic doors like on elevators and at shoping centres. This fear developed because they closed on me several times. Now I have to run through automatic doors.
    I’m also afraid of leeches. It doesn’t how many times people tell me how to remove them, I can’t get past the fact that they can hide in socks on bushwalks and you have no idea they are there until your socks are all bloody. Sneaky little bugs.

    • Kirsty says:

      Leeches are horrible – I can totally understand that fear. I only had them on me once as a child but that memory still burns!

  2. Cathy says:

    Wow, those are some interesting phobias! I’m scared of the usual things like flying, heights etc. I also don’t like animals touching me…so I don’t own pets!
    Cathy recently posted..I Must Confess: Bad Spelling Annoys Me (Sometimes)

    • Kirsty says:

      I’m funny with pets too. I can do dogs but I know I could not cope with rabbits or hamsters or anything like that. The smell…!

  3. Ness says:

    I used to work in an NRMA call centre in the 90’s. That has certainly made me terrified of talking on the phone since, so I get it.

    Actually that Opera House photo is a little freaky esp for a child and I’m scared of bright, shiny things too.

    I think I need a lie down after posting all my fears lol.
    Ness recently posted..I Must Confess: My Fears & Phobias

  4. Me says:

    I hate the telephone too – sometimes I leave people on hold while I pluck up enough courage to talk to them !!
    I am still nursing two leech bites from when we were at Stanthorpe – I don’t like them either !!!!!
    Have a great week – hope it isn’t too full on for you.
    Lotsa hugs.
    Me recently posted..I Must Confess

    • Kirsty says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one with that fear. My week was massively busy but I think I am just going to have to get used to a faster pace this year!

  5. Tegan says:

    I hate making phone calls too. I wrote a whole blog post about it in fact lol. What if when I ring them…they answer? I just seem to lose all my functioning brain and I must sound like I am completely stupid when the person finally answers the phone.
    Tegan recently posted..I must confess: I’m fucking scared of all this shit

  6. The fear of talking on the phone resonates with me… I remember once breaking in to a friends room at collage to delete a phone message I left- bc I was so embarrassed of it!
    Housewife in Heels recently posted..Don’t be a Kochie

    • Kirsty says:

      I ramble on in phone messages all the time, mainly due to my nerves. But I’ve never been in a position to delete them so who knows what embarrassing messages I have left for people over the years… 🙂

  7. Rhianna says:

    The only thing that scares me is death. For a long time is I was scared more about those around me dying rather than myself but now that I am a mother I am rather scared of me dying and my poor girls being left without a mother.

    Oh my pleasure with the button as well lovely. I will actually do it again and make the coding box a little smaller so you can put it in your side bar. I will do a post about it next week for IBOT as well that way we can all be button making gurus
    Rhianna recently posted..I must confess that sometimes I speak before I think

  8. amputation is a funny one. without sounding like a weirdo, makes me wonder if you were an amputee in a former life?! I love that pic of the Opera House. Does it still scare you? It looks a little ghostly so I can see how it could frighten a child! My fears are flying, death, heights, not necessarily in that order, but maybe.
    Aroha @ Colours of Sunset recently posted..I Must Confess….

    • Kirsty says:

      I have no idea about the amputation one – it really used to be a huge issue for me, goodness knows why. The picture of the Opera House doesn’t scare me as such now but I can see how it filled me with fear when I was younger – it does look freaky!

  9. I have a fear of being in the car with my hubby if there is a spider either on the inside or outside of the car, due to his fear of spiders that has almost killed us on different occasions. How you can spin the car 180 degrees when the spider was spotted on the outside of the car and we were stopped at the exit to a carpark waiting to merge into traffic.
    Mystery Case recently posted..Why Jessica Bratich has my back!

    • Kirsty says:

      OMG – that would be terrifying. We have had spiders in and on the car before too and I know how distracted you get when you have one eye on the spider and one on the road…

  10. Jo Tracey says:

    This one was confronting! Yep spiders do it, but what really makes me sweat is losing control. I’m a self confessed control freak.
    Jo Tracey recently posted..I must confess…fears…

  11. Lisa says:

    They are interesting phobias Kirsty! I am terrified of heights ever since I was little. Look forward to more confessing next week.
    Lisa recently posted..I must confess…my irrational fear of heights

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