I Must Confess…My New Year Resolutions

Welcome to 2013, Truthers!

I hope it has been a great start to the year so far – I know I have come into 2013 with a positive attitude and a desire to just get on with it all.

I also trust it’s going to bring out some fresh confessions each Monday – it better, or this will become quite a boring read for all of us!

For any newbies out there, welcome aboard. I Must Confess is designed to be a fun linkup where we all share a confession of some kind – it can be funny, embarrassing, ranty or even hypothetical, if you prefer. It can be old or new and you have the opportunity to link up all week.

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I have confessed to all manner of things over the last year. You would think I would have run out of them by now, but alas, I haven’t come near to scraping the bottom of the barrel of my home truths yet…

This year I will be setting a prompt for each week for those who prefer to write to a theme BUT you can still link up any sort of confession that you like.

So if you do have something to get off your chest, this is your place!

This week we’re talking New Year’s resolutions. I know some people don’t do resolutions and think there’s no point making empty promises at an arbitary point of the year.

And I get that, I really do.

But I personally like taking stock at the start of each year and setting some aspirational goals to achieve. And to me, they are never empty or pointless.

Two years ago I made a resolution to start blogging…and here I am, two years down the track, still putting my thoughts out there.

One year ago I made a resolution to lose weight and eat better…and here I am, nearly 12 kilos lighter and actually eating fruit each day (who would have thought I’d be doing that after making this confession?)

This year I want to build on some of the goals I developed last year and consolidate them. I guess, you could say, that my two words for this year are ‘build’ and ‘consolidate’. Build on the successes and consolidate the gains.

So here are my resolutions for 2013:

1. Maintain my weight and keep it off. I am currently in maintenance with Weight Watchers and I’m hoping I can maintain my goal weight during 2013. I worked so hard in the second half of last year to lose it that I do not want to have to do it all over again.

2. Be more in the present with my family. I am guilty of never being in the present with anyone. I’m usually thinking ahead to what I need to do next and have always struggled to live in each moment and to savour them. I want to work towards changing this mindset and I think I am finally in the mental place now to try and take small steps to do just that.

3. Take more time just for me. This will require more personal organisation on my behalf (especially in relation to the blog – more on that tomorrow) but I want to find time during the week to read, to cross-stitch (I do want to finish Delilah’s birth cross-stitch before she turns 18!) and to get back into tennis again.

So there are my personal resolutions for the coming year. I would love to hear about yours or about anything else you need to get off your chest.

You know what to do – get to it then!

Next Week’s Confession – My Top 5 Favourite Movies

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16 Responses

  1. Those are great resolutions Kirsty. Very attainable and I am sure you’ll accomplish them all! I don’t really have any resolutions, but will try to do better at everything as much as possible!
    Aroha @ Colours of Sunset recently posted..I Must Confess…

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Aroha and thanks so very much for giving the linkup a shot and joining in! I rather like your “resolution” to try to do better at everything as much as possible – in the end that’s all we can really ask for, isn’t it?

  2. Rhianna says:

    Great resolutions Kirsty. I am still floundering around working out what I want in store for this year. Other than you know, have the blog go viral, get a book deal and just general lead the most awesome life I can!
    Love the idea of the prompts as well, always nice to have a little extra in the ideas department.
    Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely
    Rhianna recently posted..There is something I need to tell you

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Rhi and thanks so much for linking up again. I hope your wildest dreams do come true – you never know, even my dreams of being a lady of leisure may actually happen one of these days… πŸ˜‰

  3. Emily says:

    A great set of ideas, mine are sort of similar, I’m working on my confession post now – I wrote a note down last week to work on this for your link – because I always have SOOO much to confess. Emily πŸ™‚
    Emily recently posted..Housework – not my children – is the reason I find motherhood so bloody hard

    • Kirsty says:

      I loved your confession post Emily – thanks so much for linking up. I have to warn you though, once you start confessing it does get rather addictive and hard to stop…take it from the biggest confessor of them all!

  4. Me says:

    Great resolutions and all the best for keeping them or at least working on them !!!
    Have the best week !
    Me recently posted..Things I Know

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks so much Me! I think I have a reasonable chance of keeping most of them but number 2 is going to be tough for me – I can already see it now…

  5. I’m always thinking ahead too, Kirsty. It makes me feel incredibly guilty, especially when I’m spending time with my kids.
    Oh, and I’m trying desperately to finish my current cross stitch too, before it hits the 6 year mark! The cut off date is 22nd April. Keep your fingers crossed for me! πŸ™‚
    Tracey @ Bliss Amongst Chaos recently posted..365 Days Of Gratitude – Day 6

    • Kirsty says:

      Good luck with the cross stitch Tracey – I hope you can finish it before the 6 year mark! It’s been 3 years for me, maybe I’ll manage it to finish it during my upcoming holidays… πŸ˜‰

  6. Good set of resolutions. I have given up with making them, by the end of Jan I can’t even remember what they were in the first place!
    Rhian @melbs recently posted..An award winner – just in time for Oscar Season

    • Kirsty says:

      I’ve learned after many years of resolution failure that I need to keep them simple and achievable if I have any chance of sticking with them into February! And if I post them publicly, I have more of a chance of feeling accountable enough to actually follow them through – it’s a two pronged approach around here!

  7. robomum says:

    Yep all good goals that can be reached. Sorry I couldn’t link up today. Couldn’t get it together…
    robomum recently posted..Huggles in Bed: Stocks are Limited!

    • Kirsty says:

      No worries Robomum – the linkup is open all week so if you do feel inspired feel free to link up later in the week. I loved you post BTW and thought about it while I enjoyed my own snuggles on and off with one Miss Delilah Bear overnight!

  8. Nathan says:

    Great resolutions, babe. I particularly like the one where you intend to buy your family more presents! I read that right, didn’t I? πŸ˜‰
    You have done really well with the weight loss and are looking great. (I may be a little bias, though). I just need to work off my distinctive stomach, now.
    I know you love it when I comment on your posts, and to really make your day, I have written my own confession and joined your link-up!
    I’m just going to tally up those Hubby Points right now…
    Nathan recently posted..2013 – One Step At A Time

    • Kirsty says:

      I’m sure you and the kids won’t complain about having more of my attention – it’s the least you guys deserve. Thanks so much too for always supporting me and for linking up – looks like we’ll be teaching the kids to ride bikes TOGETHER this weekend. I love you – and I have to confess that you have been tallying up A LOT of hubby points lately…should I be worried??

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