Wordless Wednesday – Despite Everything…

Despite everything – neglect, harsh weather and general lack of care – my frangipanis always survive and bloom!

They make me happy.

Joining in with the lovely Trish for Wordless Wednesday.

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26 Responses

  1. Thea says:

    Hey….SNAP!! My WW is about frangipanis too!! I love them as well. 🙂
    Thea recently posted..a Snap – Wordless Wednesday

    • Kirsty says:

      I love the plant itself, the flowers and (of course) how hardy and easy they are to look after! I would love a pink flowered one though…

  2. E. says:

    Lovely. They just look summery.
    E. recently posted..There is only two weeks until Christmas

  3. Anne says:

    I love frangipanis, they look great!
    Anne recently posted..Swim to Rotto

    • Kirsty says:

      I love them too Anne. I’ll have to take an updated picture, more blooms have emerged from the other buds and it looks wonderful!

  4. Alicia says:

    They look like such perfect flowers. They must be pretty hardy.
    Alicia recently posted..Adventure (in a skirt)

    • Kirsty says:

      Alicia, they are the hardiest plants around – I’m amazed that I haven’t killed them yet! I grabbed a few cuttings a year or so back and promptly forgot about them. A few months later, I planted them, not expecting them to survive and they did – and that is one of them now in bloom!

  5. Frangipanis are my favourite too. Dad and Mum had beautiful ones in the garden of the house we lived in for decades. Dad took a cutting from them and I have one as does my daughter. We have little flowers…sometimes! They are a joyful flower arent they? D x
    Denyse Whelan recently posted..Baby Makes Three.

    • Kirsty says:

      Denyse, I love everything about them – they truly are joyful. I’m so pleased you’ve got cuttings from the trees at your old house – that would make a wonderful, living memory of both the location and your parents for you and your daughter 🙂

  6. gawee says:

    They’re gorgeous Kirsty. I love frangipanis too – I even buy frangipani scented candles. Mine needs repotting as it hasn’t done as well this year. I’m also very fond of (& need to get) a red frangipani – they’re even more beautiful!

    It’s funny, a friend hates them as she reckons they are the ugliest plants around when not in bloom – I still think the flowers and aromas more than make up for it’s unusual non-blossoming appearance.

    G. xx
    gawee recently posted..Mayhem, Moments & Mentions

    • Kirsty says:

      I will have to respectfully disagree with your friend – I really like their look as a tree as well. I think their leaves are striking (but I’m into yuccas and draecenas and cordylines too). A red frangipani would be awesome – can get a cutting when you get one???

  7. I love frangipanis- They are my mother’s favourite flower and I grew up with them… I have many photos wearing frangipani necklaces – and they smell divine. Lucky you 🙂
    Housewife in Heels recently posted..Newborn first impressions

    • Kirsty says:

      They are a wonderful flower – I love everything about them, particularly the fact that they seem to be impervious to my gardening black thumbs!

  8. Robomum says:

    They are perfect every time…. Beautiful pics Kirsty.

  9. Alison says:

    Gorgeous – I love frangipanis. So summery!
    Alison recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Dreamnight

    • Kirsty says:

      Alison, they are lovely and summery aren’t they? Looking at them I could almost pretend I’m on a tropical island some days…almost!

  10. very Nice, I love the smell of frangipanis. 🙂
    Me N my Monkeys recently posted..Something New Is Coming…

  11. Ness says:

    Gorgeous flowers. No green thumb here sadly. 🙁
    Ness recently posted..My Christmas Wish List

  12. Trish says:

    Just so beautiful.
    Trish recently posted..How are you travelling ?

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