Musical Musings – Is the World Really Going to End?

I love disaster movies. I’m not exactly sure why, but I do.

All I can say is that I really don’t care much about the protagonists in such movies – I care more for the type of disaster depicted and the catastrophic effects that are it’s result.

And the crappier, the better!

While I really do hope the world doesn’t end on Friday (and between you and me, I think we’ll all be okay!) it would be interesting to see how it would happen.


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Are we destined to end our days as the result of a meteor hit a la Armageddon or Deep Impact?

Could we be wiped out by aliens like in Independence Day or Men in Black?

Will natural disasters claim our lives as depicted in Twister or The Core or in a multitude of other B-grade flood, fire, earthquake and superstorm films?

Or will climate change do the deed as per The Day After Tomorrow and 2012?

Alternatively we could also face volcanic wrath as Tommy Lee Jones did in Volcano and Pierce Brosnan did in Dante’s Peak.

I don’t know how it would go – all I know is I would hate to be the incidental character that meets the untimely and undignified death before the middle of the film – I would be highly annoyed if that did happen to me!

As we await how the world may end on Friday 21/12/2012, I have decided to devote the final Musical Musings of the year to the music of Will Smith who made his acting name in Men in Black and Independence Day.

A very loose connection to the end of the world but I don’t see any harm in enjoying him “big willie style!”

Enjoy the stylings of Mr Will Smith – see you on the other side!

Men in Black

Wild Wild West

Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It


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  1. Ness says:

    I hope the world doesn’t end on Friday either, otherwise I’ve been rushing around doing last minute Christmas shopping for nothing lol
    Ness recently posted..My Christmas Wish List

  1. December 23, 2012

    […] I lied last week when I said that the end of the world edition of Musical Musings would be my last for the […]

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