I Must Confess…5 Worst Christmas Gifts

It’s Monday. So time for the start of another week and the sharing of yet another confession.

I’ve already warned you about the dangers of Festive Fatigue (which is a totally real condition – even the Huffington Post wrote an article about it!).

Now it’s time to re-visit one of the other dangers of Christmas – the unwanted, unsuitable and completely inappropriate gift.

This week I’m going to confess to 5 of the worst Christmas gifts that I have ever received. And, needless to say, I would really love to hear yours too!

1. The Snowman DVD

I received this as part of a secret santa at work.

Worst Christmas Gifts

image source

Now, I know the whole secret santa thing can be highly problematic but you should try, at the very least, to buy something for the person you are assigned, shouldn’t you?

This is a lovely movie – for children. As if I don’t feel invisible enough already at home, at the endless beck and call of 3 children, you just go and make me feel invisible at work by not even trying to think of something that I, as an adult, might like to receive.

Sure, Matilda absolutely adores this movie but what about ME????

Not bitter at all, even after 5 years…

2. An umbrella

worst Christmas gifts

image source

Courtesy of another secret santa, this time through my tennis club, I actually did receive an umbrella, as a present.

There was a $5 gift limit for this particular secret santa but there are so many other options out there for $5 tennis ladies!

Geez, you could have even bought me some second hand tennis balls, they would have at least been useful and slightly more appropriate as a present…

I can’t even remember what the umbrella looked like as it fell apart the first time I used it. All I remember is that it was dodgy and inappropriate, so definitely worthy of making this list!

3. Toiletries

worst Christmas gifts

image source

I really don’t care how prettily these are packaged. Giving toiletry items to someone for Christmas is akin to rocking up to them and saying “Sorry, your personal hygiene is not up to scratch, here are some over priced and over packaged items to help you look and smell better!”

Please don’t get sucked in by the prettiness – really think about what message you are sending to that person when you gift them toiletry items.

Because the message you are sending may not be the one you intended – dig it?

4. Hampers

Again, these are an attractive and easy alternative to give to someone you really don’t know at Christmas but, let’s face it, they can be pretty useless.

worst Christmas gifts

image source

Half the items in every hamper I’ve ever received are things I would never buy or use myself (for instance, I don’t drink coffee and I’m not a fan of fancy preserves and jams).

The other half sit there, unused, as I am reluctant to tamper with the prettiness of the hamper arrangement for the sake of the half that I am interested in…

Take it from me – Christmas hampers are completely useless and wasted gifts for me and for many others out there in gift-giving land. Step away from the basket of ‘goodies’ and, again, think about what you are actually giving someone.

5. Books

worst Christmas gifts

image source

Personally, books are a tricky gift to give someone. I’m really, really specific in what I read (Regency historical romance with no sex please) so I can’t say I’ve loved many books I’ve been given as gifts over the years.

I dodged a real bullet this year, which I will include here even though I didn’t actually receive it as a gift.

My mother, MY MOTHER, asked me whether I would like Fifty Shades of Grey for Christmas.

Take a moment to appreciate that. Please.

After a period of stunned silence (on my part) I hastily declined and pushed her in a more appropriate direction ( I believe I am now to receive Season 4 of Castle instead – woop!)

Close call people, close call…

I am itching to hear some of the worst Christmas gifts you have received – there has to be some doozies (as my son would say), surely?

You know what to do – write your ‘confession’, link it up and feel better for getting it off your chest. It works a charm for me every week, it honestly does!

The Rules…

– I Must Confess is a link up that will be happening every Monday and will remain live for the whole week.

– You can link up something old or new, we’re not fussy around here.

– Please go forth and share the comment love – it is bloggy crack after all!

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5 Responses

  1. Robomum says:

    Your Mum! Lolololol!
    Robomum recently posted..Dear Santa

  2. Ness says:

    Oh my at those gifts. I’m with you on the toiletries. I usually receive them from my in-laws and they are not even pretty ones like that, instead they are old second hand perfume or soap from a Vinnies or Lifeline shop.

    But by far the worst gift I witnessed was the time my Dad gave Mum a torch for Mother’s Day. Yeah, I still don’t get it lol
    Ness recently posted..My Christmas Wish List

    • Kirsty says:

      What is it with in-law gifts? Why are they uniformly so bad?

      Your dad giving your mum a torch for mother’s day reminds me of the time my brother gave my mum a milkshake maker – I don’t recall my mum EVER having a milkshake in her life, however my brother lived off them…hmmm…

  3. Daniel says:

    My wife is 32 and she received anti-ageing cream from her sister in law. Definitely not one of her favourite gifts.
    Daniel recently posted..Champagne Cork Stool

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