My Matilda is a Magnet

Do you have one of THOSE children? You know. The ones who catch absolutely everything going around?

I do. I have a virus magnet. And her name is Matilda.

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She attracts absolutely everything while Gilbert and Delilah will often dodge the same bullet.

I really don’t get it.

Matilda has been a magnet for all sorts of things since her birth.

She developed jaundice within 48 hours of birth and ended up in NICU under photo-therapy.

Just after her first birthday she contracted Chicken Pox, well before her immunisation for the disease was due.

Between the ages of 1 and 3 she suffered consecutive ear infections which resulted in her developing glue ear and requiring an operation to have grommets inserted.

Last year she came up with a whole lot of little bumps on the backs of her legs which turned out to be a virus called molluscum contagiosm. She still has some remaining a year on.

Since the age of 3 we have battled multiple and sustained bouts of head lice – it seems her glorious mane of hair is like a bountiful tropical resort for the little critters…

And she has also, somehow, along the way contracted the cold sore virus too. Poor bugger.

The most recent example of Matilda’s unerring ability to attract every single virus and pest going around is the unsightly warts that have appeared on her left hand, again, courtesy of a virus.

At last count she has 5 and we have now begun Operation Wart-Off to get rid of the unsightly things which involves a pumice stone, wart-off cream, elastoplast and a white cotton glove worn at night.

She reminds me of a white, female Michael Jackson as she lays there wearing her single white glove in her sleep…

Let’s not forget Operation Wart-Off is running concurrently with Operation Head Lice Be Gone (again) so most evenings involve fairly intensive care of Matilda and her various and varying viral needs.

Meanwhile, Gilbert and Delilah somehow remain immune.

Go figure that one out…

As it’s Tuesday, I’m linking up with Jess for IBOT.

Tell me, do you have a child like mine that seems to be a natural virus magnet? Or is it just my poor Matilda?

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18 Responses

  1. oh no! There’s nothing worse than a poor mite who is always getting sick. It just breaks your heart for them! I hope she loses her magnetism soon!
    Aroha @ Colours of Sunset recently posted..A Weekend at Fingal Head

    • Kirsty says:

      Aroha, so do I! Considering the others seem to be immune, there must be something in her makeup that makes her more susceptible to viruses – I hope for her sake she does grow out of it soon!

  2. Me says:

    We only have one and thank goodness she didn’t seem to be a magnet for much (although she did get a dose of head lice the last week of grade 3). I hope that Matilda grows out of being a magnet soon !!
    Have the best day !
    Me recently posted..Too Late

  3. Lyndal says:

    ohhh virus magnet… that does not sound fun at all 🙁
    Lyndal recently posted..the one where we talk about pausing

    • Kirsty says:

      No, unfortunately it’s not much fun Lyndal. Now, if we were talking money magnet, that would obviously be so much more fun!

  4. Twitchy says:

    Oh the poor bub- and her mother! No I do not have kids that contract everything- my son copped recurrent ear infections as a toddler that put me off his swimming tuition for years and years.

    And I’ll never forget trying to return to work once he was in child care. Which of course we all know co-incides with your babe coming into contact with every germ known to childkind, then receiving the ‘please come get him’ calls in the office, making you wonder if you’ll ever work again.

    • Kirsty says:

      Oh yes, I so get that Twitchy! I have to balance the “come and get your child because they are sick calls” with the “come and get your child because they are in full-meltdown calls”. For a time there earlier this year I really questioned whether I should even bother trying to go into work at all! But things have settled for now, except, of course for the head lice, warts and molluscum contagiosm…sigh…

  5. Krystle says:

    Oh no!! Doesn’t sound like fun. Thankfully my boys are usually fairly healthy. My nephew is similar to your little one though. He picks up every bug, flu, cold, virus, rash going around. My boys can hang out with their cousin while sick and remain unscathed. I have no idea if it’s luck, genetics, difference in immune systems? Either way, I feel for the parents of kids who pick up every ill going around.

    Good luck with the evening routine. I hope the warts disappear, along with the lice and any other viruses 🙂
    Krystle recently posted..Home

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Krystle! I hope everything disappears soon too, just hoping something even worse doesn’t come along in their place! 😉

  6. Kyla says:

    Oh no, your poor little miss, that doesn’t sound like fun for any of you. We’re lucky, Dex is middle of the road, he gets recurrent ear infections and seems to always have a sniffle or cough (dangers of daycare) but is generally pretty healthy.
    Kyla recently posted..In His Own Time

    • Kirsty says:

      Daycare illness is no fun, is it? All 3 of mine went through that although we may be on the other side of that now as Delilah got through this year much better than last year. I can cope with a temporary cold but I’m not a fan of all these ongoing and intensive things that Matilda attracts – and if anyone is going to get them, it’s going to be her!

  7. Yep we have got one! She gets everything, and even if all the others get it, she gets it worse! Once they all had gastro for a could of days, and she ended up in hospital with it the poor thing!
    And don’t get me started on nits. Gee I hate the buggers!
    EssentiallyJess recently posted..Get The Juice

    • Kirsty says:

      I’m so over the nits in particular. I just get her cleared up and, bang, they’re back there again.

      Glad to know I’m not the only one who has a magnet for a child!

  8. Becc says:

    It really is worth getting her tested for anything that can compromise your immune system. As you know I suffer from allergies and intolerances and they can manifest in so many ways….its worth a check 🙂
    Becc recently posted..Sunshine Award for Bloggers

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Becc. We have had her tested for a multitude of things in the past but perhaps it’s time to get her checked over again. I honestly feel like I should get a discount from the GP for all the times we have gone there over the years!

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