Musical Musings – Dedicated to My Devil Child

Have I told you guys already that I have a devil child? A child who looks like an angel and can be oh so angelic when it suits but in an instant can become the spawn of the devil?

No? Well, I do and her name is Delilah!

The real Delilah is oh so cuter…

If she is not covertly colouring inMatilda’s art, knowing very well that she shouldn’t be playing around with her sister’s things, Delilah is stealing Gilbert’s “swingy thing” (his sensory fidget item) and running away with it, making him incredibly upset.

She knows very well what she should be doing but finds so much more enjoyment in doing the opposite – I guess she is your typical two year old! And, like most toddlers she can go through many, many emotions in the course of the day – she’s never mad or sad for long.

So this week’s mixed bag selection of tunes are in honour of my devil child, Delilah. Who can simultaneously make me laugh and cry and stamp my foot in frustration – that, my friends, is quite a talent!

INXS – Devil Inside

This song requires no introduction or explanation. I’m quite partial to INXS and the title of this song pretty much sums up Delilah perfectly!

Beyonce – Naughty Girl

Again the title is perfect (although she’s not a naughty girl ALL the time!) and this song is fitting as Delilah loves bopping along to fun dance music.

Crowded House – Four Seasons in One Day

Yes, it can seem as if we have gone through four seasons in a single day with the whirlwind that is my Delilah! This is one of my favourite Crowded House songs too, up there with “Into Temptation”.

Jamiroquai – Starchild

Delilah can drive me crazy but she will always be my “starchild”. I love this song too as it has one of the best bass lines I’ve ever heard – this live version really showcases the energy of Jamiroquai live.

What songs would you dedicate to your child?

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