I Spent the Day with my Husband & All I Got was a Brick…

Alternatively titled:  The Power of Poo or Home Build Update #5 (whichever you prefer).

So my husband and I spent a rare day together last week. Sure we had things to do and places to go but I was still looking forward to a day alone with him and with Delilah.

We started off by dropping the older two at school and then stopped by a cafe for a leisurely cuppa. Then it was back to the school for a double learning support team meeting for the kids.

This was the heavy part of the day, the real reason for our time together. But I’m pleased to note that, for the first time ever, I didn’t cry. At all.  And it looks as if we’ll have some positive strategies for the kids moving into next year.

But more of that in another post.

While we were in the Deputy Principal’s office, Delilah occupied herself quite well, playing with some lego and chattering to herself as toddlers do. Then she suddenly stopped the happy chatter and became all needy and whingy and clingy.

Fairly preoccupied with the meeting I tried to placate her with a few cuddly pats on the back and kept redirecting her, with little success. We finally had to wind things up and get her out of there. It was then I discovered it.

The poo. A number 3 poo, no less. No wonder she was so upset through the last half of the meeting…

Anyway, we cleaned her up, stopped by home for more clothes and supplies and then headed out to look at some bricks.

Yes, we do know how to spend some romantic time together, don’t we?

Austral Bricks was the first stop. The salesperson there was lovely and she showed us a range of bricks in our builders’ selection. She even helped us select potential colours for the fascia and guttering.

It was actually pretty surreal watching someone place swatches of colourbond samples against various bricks and asking us what we preferred. It was like clothes shopping or shopping for glasses.

Except we were shopping for bricks.

image source

After much umming and ahhing (is that how that’s spelt?), we selected a brick called Freedom (see above and below) with Woodland Grey guttering and downpipes, Barramundi roof and Paperbark fascia. Here’s a close up of how it might all look together.

And here’s an extreme close up.

Cue the chocolate cookie references. Or, if you’re like me, the poo references. If you look really closely it does resemble poo with bits of corn and carrot in it. It really does.

And yes, it seems I am considering building a two storey house made of bricks that resemble faeces…

Moving on, we even got some free samples in a show bag – can you believe it, we got our very own brick!

After celebrating our unexpected haul with a spot of lunch we arrived at our second brick destination – PGH. The salesperson there was nice too but not nearly as helpful as the salesperson at Austral.

Clearly, she didn’t believe in the hands on, interior designer-esque approach to help guide us to a decision. She merely ushered us to the brick selection for our builder and then escaped back into the air conditioned comfort of her office.

While I don’t blame her (it was a rather warm day) a little more personal assistance would have gone a long way. So, while Delilah decided to climb all over the place and practice balancing on everything she could see, we considered our options and decided Gravel was the best contender there.

image source

I would show you an extreme close up of what it looked like but PGH do not provide show bags with free samples – see, I told you I only got a brick out of the whole day…

By the time we left, there was only enough time for a quick drive by some houses that sported Freedom or Gravel brickwork before we had to high tail it back to the school.

We are still considering our options but we definitely have a better idea of what we want the house to look like now. We’re leaning towards dark brick, dark roof, grey windows, guttering and downpipes and a beige/taupe weatherboard feature at the front of the second storey to add a lighter feature. I can see it so clearly now in my mind’s eye – it’s going to look great.

We just need some positive vibes so the land can finally get registered (please send your positive vibes directly to the bowels of the NSW Lands Titles Office) and we can finally get building.

As always, I will keep you posted on developments.

In the meantime, I am going to study my brick and ponder the power of poo…

Joining in with Jess for IBOT – if you are still reading, apologies for all the poo references!

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16 Responses

  1. I think you’ve turned me off eating corn and carrot for awhile thank you very much. 😉

    Happy brick shopping!
    Me N my Monkeys recently posted..I learnt WHAT at the Bloggers Brunch

    • Kirsty says:

      Sorry Jane – maybe I should have apologised for all my poo references at the start rather than at the end of the post??? I’ll remember that if I ever revisit this topic again….(don’t worry, that’s highly unlikely!)

  2. I do believe this is my first blog post about bricks and poo ones at that LOL – happy hunting -and i hope you guys found a few moments together besides this ; )
    Deb @ Home life simplified recently posted..Holiday gift giving simplified – Mega giveaway with Howards Storage World

    • Kirsty says:

      Deb, I can honestly say I never thought I would ever write a post about poo or bricks, let alone a combined one with both! We did end up having an enjoyable day, even if it was chore heavy. In the end we had time together and that’s all that really matters.

  3. Haha I love your analogy of your poo brick, too funny!
    Eleise (A Very Blended Family) recently posted..My story of Anxiety

  4. Me says:

    LOL – I don’t think I will ever look at a brick the same way again !!!! It is good that you can ‘see’ how you want it to look – that is something that I really battle with !!!
    Have the best day and sending lots of positive vibes both to you and the NSW Land Titles Office !
    Me recently posted..Warrior Dash 2012

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks for that Me. I’m so relieved I’ve finally got how I want the house to look straight in my head – let’s just hope the LTO come to the party soon and let us get started!

  5. It’s funny how our minds immediately think of bodily functions once we become parents! And your day sounds exactly like the days my hubby & I have together – except we’re usually at hardware stores. So romantic!
    Deb @ Aspiring Mum recently posted..In My Corner.

    • Kirsty says:

      Deb, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who gets to spend “romantic” days with my husband…BTW we’ve had many “dates” in Bunnings over the years too!

  6. iSophie says:

    It’s quite interesting just how much it does resemble poo..

    We are in the final stages of planning approval for our massive extension that will start in January.

    You just made me realise just how many decisions I am going to have to make. Bit worried about that now. The only thing I have decided on is the colour of the new wood flooring.

    • Kirsty says:

      Good luck with your extension plans Sophie – they sound very exciting. I’m daunted by all the decisions too – I hope they get easier as I get used to making them!

  7. gawee says:

    This is hilarious Kirsty – I laughed out loud! I’m so pleased you stuck with the theme of this post when you mentioned the “bowels of the NSW Lands Titles Office”.

    Oh yes, and thanks for explaining to me today what a number 3 poo is – I had no idea!

    G. xx
    gawee recently posted..Thirst quencher

  8. What the hell did I just read???

    This is a very surreal piece of writing, Kirsty.

    I remember the Number 3 poo very well. Ours were the sort where you would have to strip the child down to zero and take the outside hose to him. Those were the days…but thank the Lord we’re past all that now!
    The Sound and the Fury recently posted..Sunday Sessions: Header

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