I Must Confess…I Have a Tendency to Fall Asleep at Inappropriate Moments

Welcome to the re-jigged, re-booted and re-launched I Must Confess!

Actually nothing much has really changed except for the day of the linkup but after a self-imposed break I’m ready to share more confessions and I’m hoping that you are too.

If you are new to the linkup, check out some of my previous posts to get a feel for what this is all about – remember it is supposed to be a bit of fun.

But be warned –  I started out doing vlogs when everyone else was doing them so there are a few meandering, video posts in there…I eventually learned my lesson though….

Today, I need to come clean about one of my bad habits. I have an embarrassing tendency to fall asleep at the most inappropriate moments.

I tend fall asleep when reading bedtime stories to the kids. I feel quite bad about this one. I really don’t mean to but by that stage of the night I have been on the go all day and sitting down and concentrating for a while inevitably leads me to the land of nod.

I actually get so sleepy that I start making up the words as I can’t concentrate on the actual text (there may have been some embarrassing blunders there that even I’m not going to confess to here!) Usually, I’m only made aware of it when one of my children shake me awake to complain that I was not reading it right. Not cool Kirsty. Not cool.

I tend to fall asleep whenever I watch a movie with my husband. I can’t even blame this one on tiredness or old age as I have been doing this since we started going out together. In the first stages of our relationship it was not uncommon for us to go out to the movies only for me to wake up at the end credits.

I would then try, unsuccessfully, to pretend that I hadn’t actually fallen asleep at all as it looks pretty bad to fall asleep on your boyfriend. After a while I realised I couldn’t fool him (perhaps my soft feminine snoring gave me away?) and I just ran with it. In fact, I believe my first words to my husband when we saw Saving Private Ryan at the drive in was “did they find him and save him?” Yes, I am classy.

I have actually fallen asleep in meetings at work. I remember very clearly falling asleep in my director’s office one afternoon during what was possibly the most boring phone hookup ever held on the planet. I tried oh so hard to maintain interest and poise but in the end I couldn’t pretend any longer.

I think I may have had a chance of getting away with had I not given myself away with the classic head jerk. You know the one, when you’re startled awake but you can’t control that tell-tale jerk. Thank goodness my director didn’t hold it against me and retired not long afterwards, before that particular bit of gossip leaked out. Probably not my finest hour or three…

The common denominator in all these instances? I’m just sitting around, not doing too much – which is perhaps why I usually keep myself active in one way or another throughout most of the day. I really don’t need to provide myself with further opportunities for embarrassment!

So there’s my confession made, it’s time to make yours. Do you have any embarrassing tendencies like mine? Or do you have something else you need to get off your chest?

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10 Responses

  1. LizC says:

    I can relate to your confession! I fell asleep at the movies a couple of weeks ago. Amazingly the cinema was packed (school holidays) with young, noisy kids. It didn’t stop me from sleeping through Madagascar.
    And I have fallen asleep in the library a couple of times too, only to be startled awake by my own snores.
    Like you, I shouldn’t sit still or I crash out.
    My confession is my inability to play board games with my kids. A highly competitive (bad loser/winner) emerges from deep within me. My husband has now banned me from board games so that my behaviour doesn’t rub off on the kids. Oh the shame!

    • Kirsty says:

      I can so relate to your confession too Liz. I actually don’t like playing board games with my kids either, but not because I’m too competitive. It’s because I have no interest in games at all – in fact, I have actually fallen asleep playing Monopoly with Matilda before – I should have added that to my list today…!

  2. Robomum says:

    This sounds like LOTS of fun. I will definitely link up later this week if I get a chance. ;o)
    Robomum recently posted..Happy Hour

  3. I find reading to the kids a great time to fall asleep as well. Consequently there are no bed time stories in our house! Glad that you decided to get back to your linky lovely.
    Rhianna (@aparentinglife) recently posted..I must confess to being really really ridiculously over the top when it comes to linking up posts

    • Kirsty says:

      Rhianna, I should possibly ban bedtime stories too – I nodded off again last night! Thanks so much for linking up too – I loved your post, go batgirl!

  4. gawee says:

    This post made me laugh (& feel a tinge of jealousy) as I’m such an insomniac.

    I’ve made a mental note to give you a prod next time I see you, just in case you’re nodding off!

    G. xx
    gawee recently posted..Confessions of a procrastinator

  5. So funny, I have often fallen asleep reading the kids stories or when I’ve put out the light and had a snuggle. Never at work though!!

    • Kirsty says:

      Yes, thankfully I only fell asleep that one time at work although there have been a few close calls, particularly in long and uninteresting training sessions. I do feel bad falling asleep on the kids but at least I’m not the only one who does that!

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