Musical Musings – Best Uni Gigs

I may be having an early mid-life crisis because I’ve been doing a fair bit of reminiscing lately about my younger years.

A few weeks back I shared with you some tunes that reminded me of my clubbing days and this week I’ve been thinking about some of the best gigs I went to while at uni.

I wasn’t the go out every night sort of girl – not at all. In fact, one of my best friends STILL bags me out about telling her early in our friendship that I wasn’t interested in looking for a relationship as I “didn’t want to compromise my learning” – how wanky was that?

Despite this embarrassing claim, I did enjoy seeing bands that I truly loved live and there were a couple of concerts that I fondly remember, in particular.


image source

I saw Australian funk band Swoop around the time they had a hit with Apple Eyes. I love a lot of their other stuff more (check out Do It and The Way You Groove Me) but this is an upbeat number and very catchy. Their concert was full of energy and I remember dancing the night away – it was a great night.


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I saw Regurgitator, supported by TISM and it was one of the best concerts I have EVER been to. I can’t even tell you why, it was just awesome. Here’s my favourite ‘Gurge tracks for your listening pleasure.


image source

Seeing TISM live was certainly an experience! These guys have always intrigued me and gained a cult following in the ’90s with their special brand of music that pretty much took the piss out of anything and everything. Check out their song list on YouTube – the provocatively titled “I’m on the drug (that killed River Phoenix)” is possibly the least offensive title you’ll fine there…

What uni gigs stick in your memory?

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