I Support the NDIS – Do You?

Did you know that it can take up to 2 years to access a government funded wheelchair?

Did you know that it took 12 months before the relevant agency organised for an accessible door to be fitted for someone without the strength to lift their arms to unlock their own front door?

Did you know that power chairs are currently only provided to children over the age of 5 which limits the ability of younger children to play, participate learn and develop?

Today I hosted a morning tea to encourage awareness and support for the National Disability Insurance Scheme – NDIS. Unlike the popular crime show with a similar name, the NDIS will make it possible for people with significant and permanent disability to get the necessary care and support they require, when they require it.

Under the NDIS people will have more control over the services and supports they receive, and the flexibility to explore and choose from a wider range of options and providers. Support will be personalised, based on a plan that reflects their own goals and aspirations.

My morning tea with some close friends was part of a wider campaign across Australia where hundreds of “DisabiliTeas” were held. This campaign was the brainchild of Every Australian Counts, an organisation with the sole purpose of lobbying the government to make the NDIS a reality.

The NDIS was devised and recommended by the Productivity Commission in July 2011, following an intensive 18-month investigation of the unmet needs of people with disability and their families and carers across Australia, and analysis of high-functioning disability support systems overseas.

The Productivity Commission’s recommendations for the NDIS have been welcomed by people with disability and their families, carers and support organisations across the country. Personalised, individual funding would be a dream come true for many families struggling to look after their loved ones at home with limited support and respite opportunities.

I know of many local families with children with disabilities who cannot access respite services. I know of many more who have waited YEARS to see specialists in the public system in order to receive diagnoses and to access early intervention therapy.

The current system is in distress. There is not enough money to go around. Every state has a different regime of eligibility for assistance. There is NO guarantee that you would receive adequate assistance if you or someone you love is born with a disability or acquires one later in life.

The truth is that in the current system we all run the risk of falling through a huge hole in Australia’s safety net.

This is why we need a scheme to ensure funding and support is available to help those who need it, when they need it. This is why we need the NDIS.

The Federal Government has committed to trialling the NDIS in several locations across Australia next year, but full roll out of the scheme is still not assured. This is why we need to pressure the Government (and the Opposition) into allocating the funds to make the NDIS a reality into the future.

If you wish to show your support and take action to make the NDIS a reality please join the campaign and sign up for regular email updates.

I support the NDIS – do you?

Spreading the word and seeking support via FYBF with Grace.

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6 Responses

  1. Grace says:

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Kirsty. Here’s hoping that an important national scheme like the NDIS will pass the trial and stay to help countless families and their children.
    Grace recently posted..Facebook Lovin’ Sunday – 28/10

    • Kirsty says:

      I hope so too Grace – I really hope it can become a reality for every family who needs extra care and support and assistance.

  2. Oh wow Kirsty I had no idea there was such an inadequate lack of funds. I guess it’s one of those things, where unless you are in that situation, you really have no idea at all.
    Thanks for raising awareness.
    jess@diaryofasahm recently posted..The Arms Have It

    • Kirsty says:

      I’m only on the periphery of it myself but some of the stories I have heard on special needs forums and the case studies on the Every Australian Counts website are shocking. People need to be aware of the real need for the NDIS and be encouraged to help spread the word so pressure can be applied to the government to make it a long term reality.

  3. I definitely support it. People with disabilities are too often made to jump through hoops and restricted in the help they can access for no other reason than stupid red tape, and something like this has been long overdue. Thanks for bringing it to the attention of more people.
    Kylez @ A Study in COntradictions recently posted..My Week According to Instagram 28.10.12

    • Kirsty says:

      I really hope the campaign to fully fund the NDIS is successful. You are so right, so many people need it and it is long overdue. Let’s hope the word does get out there and the government listens.

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