How to Make a Junk Sculpture Castle

It’s time for my annual craft post. Long time readers will know that craft or art or cooking or photography or anything remotely creative is not my forte.

Yet last year my most popular post was my sole craft post – How to Make a Junk Sculpture Dragon. The irony of that popularity burns me even now…

Well, the school’s annual junk sculpture competition is on again and Matilda was keen to build another masterpiece to show what you can do with recycled materials.

We learned some lessons from last year, mainly that you shouldn’t build an overly large sculpture if you wish to transport it, without incident, to the school.

With this in mind, Matilda decided to build a more modest sculpture this year and came up with the idea of a castle. It seems the medieval era is still all the rage with my girl.

So how do you go about creating a junk sculpture castle?

1. Find your inspiration. Matilda was inspired by her Disney Princess Barbie castle – cute, isn’t it?

2. Gather some boxes. We had quite a few lying around and found two in particular that fitted together well. Glue together.

3. Find some extra cardboard to wrap around the boxes to give the illusion of a real castle fortress. Matilda helped her Dad mark up and cut out the battlements which really made it look like a real castle.

4. Glue the cardboard battlements to the sculpture with a hot glue gun*. Then cut a few rectangle shapes to resemble brickwork and glue them on too. BTW toilet rolls make fantastic turrets!

*we learned another lesson this year too – I should not be allowed near hot glue guns. It turns out there is a very good reason why I only do craft once a year!

5. Moving on, once the glue is dry you can paint it up. Matilda decided on hot pink for her castle – as you do…

6. Then it’s all about the details. We helped Matilda cut out some thinner card to make castle-looking doors which she painted purple to contrast with the hot pink castle.

7. Then it’s all about the bling – Matilda used a combination of pom poms, ribbon and a paper flower to finish off her masterpiece.

I think the finished product is fantastic – I can’t believe the creativity that flows from my daughter’s brain, she certainly didn’t inherit that trait from me!

So have you made a castle from junk before? If so, how did you go about it?

BTW we had to leave school early today before the results of the competition were known so we’re not sure how Matilda went. Regardless of the result she had a ball making the sculpture and that’s the only result that matters to me!

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2 Responses

  1. E. says:

    Very creative. I hope Matilda (and you) got the recognition that castle deserves. That is one excellent castle.
    E. recently posted..Reinventing myself

    • Kirsty says:

      Matilda did a good job, didn’t she? She’s already talking about next year’s sculpture so I may be able to continue my tradition of the annual craft post – I’ll let you know how she fared when we head back to school next week.

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