Home Build Update #2

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update about our house build. To be honest there hasn’t been that much to share but I figure if I write it all down maybe it will seem like more is going on than I realise. That’s logical, isn’t it? Let’s see…

We have exchanged contracts on the land so we are one step closer to owning it. Settlement will still be some time away as the land is yet to be registered. Originally the land was due to be registered around about now but it has been pushed back to late September/October. While I hate the delay it is giving us time to save more so it is a blessing in disguise. Who knew that building would prove to be quite so expensive? Oh yes, I think I did know that, I just willfully ignored it…

The delay is also good on another level as we can’t decide on a house plan so we couldn’t proceed even if the land WAS ready to go. We have looked into a number of plans that have looked promising but have not delivered for a number of reasons. They’re either too large for our block, too expensive to build or just don’t feel right. There is always something not quite right which has led us to begin to doubt ourselves, questioning whether we are the problem in this process.

However, all hope is not lost. We are currently waiting to hear back from a builder about a two storey plan that looks pretty good. It has the rear open plan living area that we desire, front facing living rooms to take in our view and leaves enough room for a real backyard for the kids.  Obviously, it will come back with a horrific price (that’s how it usually rolls for us) but while we wait we can still dream and hold hope that we may have finally found the house for us.

In other news, we have also had our loan application approved for the purchase of the land which is a real weight off our shoulders. Of course we will need to do it all over again once we finally decide on what we are going to build, but at least we are on the right track. We are financial – that’s a start.

So while I’m frustrated by the wait for land registration and by our inability to decide on “the house,” I’m pleased that we are not rushing into one of the most important decisions of our lives.  Isn’t patience supposed to be a virtue, after all?

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