The Week That Was

It’s been a big week here but I don’t have much to show for it. Lots of things happening yet nothing much progressing. It’s exhausting and frustrating in equal measure – I hate these sorts of weeks.

And as a result I’m physically and mentally exhausted.

I’ve had a head cold mixed with sinus that certainly hasn’t helped. I’ve had a voice that has come and gone and instead of being husky and sexy when it’s around, I just sound like a man. So unfair.

I just want to feel better soon or get fully ill so I can justify some time to rest – is that really too much to ask?

Meanwhile it’s been crazy busy at work and I never seem to have enough time there. But I suspect even if I were full-time, it would be the same story. In the end you can only do what you can do and hope it’s enough.

I just wish my brain would accept this fact and stop making me feelt guilty for working part-time. I also wish my brain would stop encouraging me to double-guess my ability and make me feel inadequate in my role. Stop with the mind games already!

Closer to home I hope we can finally come to a decision about our house design. We are heading off to see some more display homes tomorrow and fingers crossed we’ll have a winner soon. At least we are starting to get a little more excited about the building process now – I can’t wait to start looking at decor and interiors!

On the personal front, I started Weight Watchers yesterday for the second time. I have been thinking about starting back for a while but I finally took the step when my workplace initiated corporate meetings on site. I really had no more excuses – it was a case of now or never.

I’m so glad I went. I am heavier than I thought I was but it is no real surprise. Tight clothes and hard to zip up pants don’t usually lie, do they? My first full day was today and I was so pleased I had the willpower to stick to the program. I hope that is a sign of things to come as willpower has not been my strong point recently…we’ll have to wait and see.

So that’s all I know from this frustrating and exhausting week – I really, really hope that next week is a little less full on!

Joining in with Dorothy’s Things I Know linkup – as they say, better late than never!

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5 Responses

  1. carmen says:

    Go hon! We are all with you! Here’s to you feeling 100% soon… and getting plenty of rest! xxx

  2. Trish MLDB says:

    I hope you are feeling better sooner Kirsty. Sending you strength and will power to stick to your goals .

  3. Me says:

    Hope you feel better soon – as you say, it seems worse when you aren’t completely ill enough to take some time off but off colour enough to know that you aren’t as productive as you normally are.
    Congrats on joining WW – I wish you every success on their program.
    Have a great weekend and take care of yourself !

  4. Hope you feel better soon sweets! And life slows down a notch or two!


  5. I hope you feel better soon and wishing you lots of determination with your WW journey.

    Thanks for linking up this week for Things I Know 🙂

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