Home Build Update #1

On June 30, 2012, we took the plunge and placed a holding deposit on a block of land.

Our block of land.

We are excited. We can’t wait to build the house of our dreams. We can’t wait to become a member of the new local community. We can’t wait to finally be settled in our ‘forever home’.

But there are a few challenges in our way. Like the fact we are complete building novices. We didn’t even build the wooden swingset in our old backyard, that was my Dad’s handiwork!

I know that shouldn’t really matter as we’ll get builders to do that for us, but I would feel more confident if we knew a little more about the whole process.  I can see a steep learning curve in front of us…

It also doesn’t help that we don’t have the best track record at making decisions. It seriously took us nearly 4 years to finally come to a decision about the future of our last house and we are already confused at the plethora of house designs and building companies out there.

Our decision-making problems come down to the simple fact that we are not confident that we will make the right decision. We have been burned a few times already and this is a huge step for us. You can understand our desire to not get this wrong!

Finally we are grappling with our own aversion to taking risk. We don’t want a huge loan but we still want our dream house. Classic case of wanting the cake and eating it too. Or having champagne tastes on a beer budget. You get the picture.

We will eventually work that one out but it is consuming us at the moment. Do we try to stretch ourselves to get our dream house or do we pare back so we can have a good house and still afford to have little luxuries along the way as well?

What would you do?

In other news, we have signed the contract for the sale of the land and are currently awaiting instructions for exchange and we have applied for a loan too. It’s all happening. We just have to decide on the right builder and the right house at the right price for us. Simple, huh?

While we may be less than stellar at making decisions, I know we are incredibly lucky to have a choice at all. That’s why I’m linking up with Kate Says Stuff for Thankful Thursday.

Just so you know I plan to post regular updates about the building process so make sure you come back again soon to see how we are progressing. I do expect us to make some progress, eventually…!

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7 Responses

  1. How super exciting for you! I totally understand the trepidation about the decisions as well, I would get palpitations just from thinking about it all!

  2. How exciting!
    But I can totally understand your worry. I am shocking at making decisions a lot of the time, especially big decisions like this! I would be terrified of making the wrong one as well!
    Wishing you the very best for it all Kirsty 🙂

  3. Francesca says:

    It’s incredibly exciting, but I understand your nervousness too. Big decisions ahead, but they’re great decisions to be able to make. I’m looking forward to seeing posts on your progress.

  4. We built our house, finished it just over two years ago and every minute of stress was absolutely worth it. We weighed up which things would make us happiest and sacrificed a few dreams to fit it in our budget. For example, I wanted an ensuite with a double shower with shower heads at both ends, and I wanted caesarstone benches in the kitchen. We decided we spend very little time in the shower, but SO MUCH time in the kitchen, so we built an average sized shower and spent the money on the kitchen instead. It’s an exciting journey Kirsty, enjoy it! x

  5. So exciting! We built our first house ten yeas ago, long before kids. It was quite an experience! We lived there for 7 ears until we outgrew it, I have such beautiful memories though. I took 3 kids home from hospital to that one <3

  6. kimbalikes says:

    I’m very impressed. Just buying a house was stressful for us!

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