Sustainable Tips for the Home

I have been thinking a lot about sustainability lately for a few reasons.

Obviously running the Kleenex Cottonelle Pin to Make a Difference competition has opened my eyes to so many ways we can be sustainable in our homes.

For those awaiting the outcome of the competition, the winner will be revealed later in this post – I promise!

My kids have also been a reason for my recent musings on sustainability. They came home from school on Friday full of information on earth worms (do you know they are blind and rely on touch to recognize the heat from the sun when they emerge out of the ground?) I didn’t!

Plus we also used recycled boxes to create an indoor city during this very wet weekend. It ended up being a lot of fun for everyone.

And I have LOVED reading all your suggestions about how you already make a difference every day and incorporate sustainability in your homes.

Melissa uses a compost, doesn’t use a clothes dryer and loves using cereal boxes, toilet paper rolls and recyclables for crafts on rainy days with the kids.

Michelle also keeps all cartons and tubs for crafts and arts, re-uses envelopes for notes and for charts, has a vegetable patch in the back yard, borrows books instead of buying, uses refillable bottles for all their drinks and cleans with lemon and vinegar.

Kim Maree makes her own washing powder as it saves heaps of packaging and therefore means a lot less landfill plus it only costs about $10 a year – bargain!

Monique refuses to buy commercial cleaning products and uses white vinegar, and essential oils for just about all her house cleaning. Not only do they do a great job, they are safe for children and pets and they leave the house smelling gorgeous!

Alyssa repurposes everything – this week a milo tin becomes an indoor pot plant, an old tshirt turns into a reusable shopping bag…she has repurposed hundreds of household items.

Melinda collects different things around the house, cleans them up and donates them to the primary school or uses it at home. Small yoghurt containers are great for paint and pencil holders. Toilet rolls and the inside of glad wrap hold any old gift wrapping paper and ribbons. Birthday cards are cut down and reused to make another card – she even saves the scoops from the washing powder boxes.

Mary asks herself – do I really need it? Is there a more planet friendly alternative? Can I reuse or recycle it?

Merryl suggests having clothing swaps with family and friends. Get a whole new wardrobe without spending a cent. It saves resources and money!

M Coleman doesn’t use a heater or electric blankets as she has a cat lap and cat bed warmers instead!

Rebekah is a firm believer in taking small steps to change. She started with reusable shopping bags, then reusable nappies, then planting a garden, then making her own cleaning supplies, then reusing food containers for craft supplies before recycling them. Next up she wants to make reusable fruit and veg bags to shop with!

Darya, having seen a recycling depot at her day care center, decided to set up the same in her garage. Having this area has made their recycling efforts a breeze. They have dedicated bins to newspapers, glass, aluminum and plastic. She loves the way her daughter is learning how important recycling is. Sorting the items out keeps her busy and feeling important, too!

Trish recycles most of their bath & shower water to the washing machine and uses washing up water on pot plants as they live on tank water so have to very careful. They are also renovating a mobile home with mostly second hand building materials/windows and even kitchens – lucky hub is a carpenter!

Nicole unplugs all power points and switches off all lights when not in use. She  also reuses cloth and old clothes over and over for various cleaning jobs. Her favourite thing to do is recycle everything possible for crafts. Food containers can be used to store art and craft bits and pieces, glue, home made paint, home made play doh, everything! Her 4 year old loves his “recycled” craft projects.

Sasha makes her own fertilizer – anytime there are banana peels, potato skins or leftover food, instead of throwing out, she collects them in a compost pile outside in the yard. Such a fantastic idea and you have free fertilizer, too.

Agnes and her family love wrapping gifts with kids’ artwork. She can’t remember the last time she bought wrapping paper, because there are two very eager artists ready to make a custom version instead! Original, free and fun to make.

Aren’t all these ideas fabulous? It was so hard to pick a winner…

But I think the most creative ideas came from Melinda. Her ideas to re-use a variety of everyday items are inspired and practical and can make a difference everyday. Congratulations Melinda, I’ll be in touch soon to organise delivery of your Kleenex Cottonelle prize pack.

Thanks to all who took the time to enter and for all your wonderful sustainability tips. I can’t wait to put more of these ideas in place in my home, although I’m not sure I’m ready to welcome my kids’ suggestion on earth worms, just yet!

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9 Responses

  1. Melinda Nardella says:

    Thanks Kirsty.

    Love all your ideas above.


    • Kirsty says:

      You’re welcome Melinda. I love that all the ideas came from you guys – I have lots of ideas to work from now! Thanks for sharing yours and enjoy the prize pack!

  2. kay says:

    Congrats Melinda. I went to the grocery today and I use my recycle bag to place everything I bought! I was so proud walking out!
    kay recently posted..House Clearance

    • Kirsty says:

      Kay, I love recycle bags – I just have to work on remembering to actually take them with me to the shops!

  3. Born27 says:

    This is great Kirsty! thanks for sharing this awesome ideas with us and keep up the good work.
    Born27 recently posted..Conference Call Service Reviews

  4. Amit Ghia says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog and have had a wonderful time looking around. Some really inspiring work! Stop using plastic bags and start using Reusable Bags Wholesale . Cheap and last a long time.

  5. There’s really more art in the process of Recycling that what we think it is, and it’s a really good hobby if we can make it one.

    I love the way the bottles we’re turned into pencil holders, and we can really pretty much apply it when teaching kids about not wasting thing and being creative with things as well. A good school activity if you ask me.

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