Away is Good but Home is Better

This week I travelled to Canberra for 3 days for work.

It was fun. I’m lucky enough to work with some lovely people and lucked in with an easy and comfortable travel companion.

I attended meetings and met with stakeholders and organised the transfer of work and felt happy and fulfilled.

I enjoyed dinners out and was able to sleep relatively undisturbed (although I did keep to my normal side of the bed and I did stir a few times as I think my body is just so used to getting up during the night)!

Canberra was not as cold as I thought it would be which made my stay more comfortable although I still needed my winter coat and scarf when venturing out.

I met up with a friend for lunch and took the rare opportunity to have a look in some shops too (which is something I don’t normally have the chance to do on my own).

I was free to start and end work when I wanted to and got to watch the State of Origin too – it was a few days where I was me again.

Being away was good.

But coming home was better.

Delilah ran to me the minute I came through the door with a big smile and a loud “Mumma!”

Matilda took a few more minutes to register my arrival before launching herself at me and not letting go.

Gilbert was unhappy that I went away at all so did not greet me with the same enthusiasm but he eventually thawed enough to give me a little snuggle and invite me to watch “Splatalot” with him.

Sharing that first big hug with my husband was bliss (as was scoffing down the pizza he had brought home – so glad I didn’t have to worry about dinner straight away!)

Spending today with Delilah was just what I needed after my time away. It was lovely. We went to the shops and she pushed her stroller around like a big girl. She tried (and greatly disliked!) her first babycino but loved the chocolate muffin she also had for morning tea.

The highlight of her outing was a rare ride on  one of those $2 shopping centre rides – she came off wanting more and asking “faster, faster”! Afterwards she also made a beeline for any escalator, travelator or elevator she saw – we may have a little daredevil on our hands…

Yes, real life is not always rosy. I was up to all 3 kids at various times last night and had to deal with a poo incident at 2am. Really. Plus Delilah has not really settled for an afternoon sleep today so will no doubt be a feral little animal when her siblings come home from school.

But despite everything I know I would never swap my life here at home for my seemingly perfect life away.

Never, in a million years.

Joining in, as usual, with Things I Know hosted by the very knowledgeable Dorothy at Singular Insanity.

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