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You should know by now that I love Eurovision.

Did the burst in tweeting on my @KirstyRussell account give it away? Or was it my confession from yesterday?

Anyway, I am a massive fan and have been for many years now so it’s only fitting that I dedicate this Sunday Session to the wonder that is Eurovision 2012.

The songs I am sharing with you below have all reached the final this year and, for me, epitomise all that is wonderfully kitsch about Eurovision.

Jedward represented Ireland in Eurovision last year as well. I personally think Ireland should have gone with something a bit more traditional this year but then we would not have seen this Eurovision classic. Showy costumes – check. Europop dance track – check. Dodgy choreography – check. Water feature – check.

Donny Montell is a singer from Lithuania who also ticks all the boxes when it comes to a good (kitsch) Eurovision song. Tacky physical metaphor – check. Slow start – check. 80’s pop – check. Dancing silhouettes – check.

Pasha Parfeny brings us Moldova’s entry which is beyond description. Again a real Eurovision box ticker. Traditional music overlaid with pop – check. Scary backup dancers and choreography – check. WTF? costuming – check. Conga line to end the performance – check.

Malta’s Kurt Calleja also brought out all the stops in his Eurovision performance. Synchronised dancing with the band – check. Wearing a single glove – check. DJ on stage – check. Fireworks at the big finale – check.

If you haven’t already caught up with Eurovision make a date with SBS One at 7.30pm tonight for the final. You’ll get to see these four songs along with the other 22 that make up the final. I know I’ll be watching!

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