I Must Confess…My Love of Retro

Welcome to the re-booted I Must Confess linkup! After a few weeks away, I’m raring to go and determined to get this linkup off the ground once and for all.

The rules are simple. Each week I confess something (it’s not usually something serious, it’s more often small and fun or unusual) and I invite others to confess something too.

The aim of the linkup is to have fun and lots of it. And let’s face it, the more who linkup, the more fun we’ll all have – so think about something you want to get off your chest and get linking!

This week, I need to confess my life-long love for all things retro.  Most particularly, for things from the 60’s and 70’s. As a child 0f 1975 I grew up in a house full of 60’s and 70’s treasures.

And for me, it was a real treasure trove of colour, music and design.

There was the cookware and glassware – from a young age the bright anodised colours of our pots and pans and our kitchen containers captivated me. And I will always love the smoky colours of the funky glassware that was proudly displayed in my parents’ cabinet.

Then there was the music. I vividly remember watching cricket in the summer with my dad. We would have the sound turned down and have our Popcorn LP playing on the turntable, laughing at how the bowlers would run into the crease in time to Mouldy Old Dough.  Or how they would rub the ball in time to Chirpy Cheep Cheep. Hehehe…

For those not familiar with Popcorn you NEED to listen to it. It was the biggest electronic album of the 70’s and was listened to religiously in our house alongside You Can’t Stop the Music by the Village People, On Broadway by George Benson, The Gambler by Kenny Rogers and Up, Up & Away by the 5th Dimension. My taste in music was clearly doomed from the start…

And finally there was the design of the era. I love the furniture in particular – the first piece of furniture that I bought was a 60’s/70’s divan with wooden arms, covered in a red textured fabric. The divan was pure genius. Sit it up and it’s a comfy lounge, lay it flat and it’s quite an uncomfortable bed. But still it was handy for my friends who stayed over during those crazy uni years…

I have continued my love for all things retro throughout my life. I was so happy recently to be reunited with my collection of retro goodness that had been packed away for the last few years. Do you want to see my collection? Bad luck if you don’t – this is a full and complete confession, after all!

I had to have a chuckle when I first moved in as there are some elements of this house that are so retro that I could not have picked better myself. This is one of the light fittings in the kitchen:

This is the shower head in both showers:

And last but not least, there is the funky tap in my ensuite bathroom – the theories are endless on what it is supposed to be:

One last confession before I go – I think I am now addicted to the retro goodies on eBay! I thought I should do some research on all things anodised before writing this post so I found myself on eBay looking at what’s out there right now. I now have my eye on a retro red ice bucket in the shape of an apple, just like this one below…

Image courtesy carters.com.au

It’s love…

So now I have made my confession for the week, come on and share something too. It really does make you feel cleansed for the week. And it doesn’t have to be related to my post at all, although I would love to hear what your favourite era might be.

You know what to do – get to it people!

The Rules…

– I Must Confess is a link up that will be happening every Sunday – a bit of a homage to my Catholic upbringing, in fact!

– The link will be live from 10pm Saturday night for the whole week.

– You can link up something old or new, we’re not fussy around here.

– Please go forth and share the comment love – it is bloggy crack after all!

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    […] may recall a few weeks back I confessed to a love of all things retro. My anodised collection of cookware and my funky coloured glassware are a testament to my love of […]

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