So, did you miss me?

After more than 2 weeks wait we have the internet back – who would have known I would have missed it quite so much?

OMG, I feel like I’ve been in the wilderness for 2 weeks fending off bears while surviving off bugs and sleeping under trees.

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Okay, maybe not…

In reality I have been unpacking and sorting and making numerous phone calls to get things set up, including the internet, but it honestly felt much more arduous than that.

I’ve also been working in my new job and trying to get the kids settled into our new home and helping them get used to the holidays and this week I’ve supported them returning to school.

In fact, I’ve been so consumed by the recent chaos of our lives that I have nothing prepared for Delilah’s 2nd birthday tomorrow – nothing at all, not even presents…

Clearly I’ve been off-my-tree-busy and it’s probably been for the best that I haven’t had access to the biggest time waster of my life but, oh how I did miss you all!

So after my enforced blogging holiday I am keen to get back into the blogosphere and back into the swing of sharing my ramblings with you.

What do I have planned, I hear you ask?

I am going to hold my first review and giveaway which I am very excited about, so look out for that over the coming days.

I’m also keen to kick start the I Must Confess linkup and get more people joining in every Sunday – I would love to have you all playing along.

I’m eager to get back into the swing of commenting and reading all your blogs so feel free to add your blog link in a comment below so I can come and check it out.

Above all, after heading down to Melbourne for DPCON12 (yes, there will be a 4th and final post about that, stay tuned!) I came back with a renewed commitment and drive to become a better blogger, reader and commenter.

I want to write better posts, I want to share my experiences as a special needs parent and I want to make a difference with this little slice of cyberspace.

I’m also keen to hear your thoughts – so, what would you like me to concentrate on here at My Home Truths?

Do you want more truth about our day-today lives?

Would you like more upbeat and fun posts?

Are you keen to read about my experiences as a working mum?

Maybe you feel a bit more information about autism and albinism would not go astray?

I’m really keen to know what I can do to make My Home Truths more relevant to YOU. So please let me know.

For now, I’m off to do some birthday shopping and to belatedly plan for Delilah’s special day tomorrow – wish me luck!


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8 Responses

  1. carmen says:

    Welcome back Kirsty! 😀
    So glad you’re back to civilisation… and on the birthday? I’ve done that… lots (well 4 children = lots to miss) *sigh* It will work out! I opted for a visit to the sushi train and hanging with Mum for the day… and it’s become a family tradition now! As they get old, they get to pick a movie for the day as well. 😎
    Suddenly I’m the best mum ever! 😉
    Here’s to an amazing day for her tomorrow anyway! x
    carmen recently posted..Our house…

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks so much Carmen! The day did go well in the end, despite my panic and last minute dashing about – Delilah had a ball and that’s all that matters.

      I do like your idea of just hanging out with mum – will have to try that soon for my older two, I’d love to be the best mum ever!

  2. Lee says:

    Welcome back Kirsty!
    You sound very fresh considering your last month or so! You must be exhausted!
    Hope Delilah’s birthday is lovely despite (or in spite of!) the lack of planning! I am sure it will be. xx
    Lee recently posted..I am not the sum of my opinions

    • Kirsty says:

      It’s all a front Lee, I’m literally stuffed but we have to keep moving, don’t we? Hoping to slow down sometime soon but between the kids, work, the house and the blog I’m not sure when that will be!

      Delilah’s birthday did end up being lovely – maybe things do go better when they are a little less planned…

  3. Vicky says:

    Welcome back! I recently went without the net for a month, as flooding had washed out the line. Made me very aware of just how much I do on it.

    Don’t feel bad about your baby’s birthday. She’ll never remember 🙂 you can always do it next week.

    I’m keen to participate in your I must confess link up. So will look forward to it starting up again.

    Moving is exhausting. Hope you have had a chance to sit back and relax a little.
    Vicky recently posted..Burning…

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Vicky – Delilah ended up having a great day. She loved the things I ended up getting for her and just enjoyed having a special day with the family.

      I’m looking to start the linkup again this weekend – would be great to see you get involved, if you can!

      Still looking for some time to relax – hoping things do settle down for us soon…

  4. Welcome back. Hope the move went well and you’re loving the new place. Love to hear more about that.
    Caz (The Truth About Mummy) recently posted..Where do you get your parenting energy from?

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Caz. I’m working on some posts about the new place – it’s twice the size of my old house so lots more to talk about here!

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