Things I Know About the Past Week

I’m really pleased to see that Things I Know is back, with Dorothy from Singular Insanity as the new hostess with the mostess. I like the new button too, very cute.

I’ll be honest I’ve had an absolute shocker of a week and thought that venting a little would make me feel better – so bear with me, will you?

1. This week again confirmed what I have known for some time – that being a working mother sucks. It’s impossible to balance your home and work lives – something always suffers, it’s just the way it is. And most of the time I can reconcile that, but not this week. I feel like I’m failing everyone and failing at everything right now.

2. I should not have relaxed about my son’s transition to mainstream – the minute I relaxed and accepted that all was going well, all hell broke loose…

On Monday he had an epic meltdown as the canteen was not open for lunch 2, but luckily they were able to bring him around and get him back to class.

On Wednesday, he was upset even before we got to school and I received a call once I had travelled 30 minutes into work to come back and pick him up as he was refusing to go into class. Luckily he was coaxed into class again but I was on tenterhooks all day waiting for another call.

On Thursday I received a call from school to advise that my son had been suspended as he had hit a teacher who was trying to stop him playing rough in the playground. It was not a malicious act but as it was an act of aggression he had to be suspended. Not a good week by anyone’s standards…

3. Although I avoided having to go back to get my son from school on Wednesday I received a call from daycare soon after to advise my youngest daughter had headlice and needed to be taken home. Wednesday was a bit of a write-off work-wise, thank goodness I have a very understanding manager…

4. Our house is on the market and our first open house is on Saturday. While I’m pleased it’s finally happening I’m stressing out over keeping the house clean and tidy – as a consequence my patience with my messy kidlets is fast wearing thin.

5. I know I could do with a real holiday. My recent 4 weeks off work were spent working around the house and worrying about the boy – not a lot of rest or relaxation went on in that time. I would love to have a real holiday away with my family. It has been some time since that has happened and unfortunately it will be some time yet until it does.

6. I know this has been a hard week but it can only get better from here – I promise to have some more positive things to share next week!

So that is what I know this week – care to share what you know right now?


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4 Responses

  1. What a week you’ve had! Sounds like a nice relaxing holiday, possibly without the kids, would be just what the doctor ordered once you’ve sold your house. I hope it doesn’t take too long. My rental is currently on the market, so I’m doing the keeping clean and tidy as well, although I don’t have to stress so much as it’s not my house. I only have to hope that another investor buys it, rather than someone who wants to live in it…

    Thanks for linking up for Things I know!
    Dorothy @ Singular Insanity recently posted..Things I know has a new home!

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Dorothy. It was a hard week but it has gotten better which is a relief!

      Hoping an investor does buy your rental so you can stay there – my fingers are crossed for you.

  2. And I thought I had a bad week. My hat goes off to you Kirsty. Wishing you strength to pull through the weekend and prepare for a fresh start on Monday.
    Di @ Life is Di-licious recently posted..How to survive kinder duty

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Di. Last week was bad but this week has been far better which has helped me cope a little more! Hoping last week was an abberration so that I don’t need to go through anything like it again…hope this week is better for you too!

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