Things I Know about My Family

I love my family to bits. I may curse them and worry about them and go crazy trying to keep up with everything that they do, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

It seemed right this week to share a few tidbits about my family for Things I Know, for a bit of fun and for something a little different.

1. Matilda Bear is a political commentator in the making, at the tender age of 6.

She asked me a few nights back (when she was following her night-time ritual of finding every possible excuse to stay up and get out of bed) about Julia Gillard (the lady with the red hair) and Tony Abbott (the man with the big ears).

She wanted to know who I would vote for in the next election. When I told her I was undecided she then suggested that I should vote for the man with the big ears “as he would be a better listener with big ears”.  Then she went on to say that “the lady with the red hair could entertain kids by letting them pull on her hair”.

I did my best to stifle my amusement but it was so cute and so full of the innocent, black & white wisdom of the 6 year old.

I love it. I hope she never loses her refreshing view on things nor her interest in politics. Just like her mother…

2. Delilah Bear is wearing me down with her nightly attempts to escape her bed.

We converted her cot to a bed last weekend and each night has turned into a battle of attrition to see whether baby or parent has the most stamina in the war of the bed.

She is valiantly trying to outflank us but we mostly have her measure. Well her father does anyway. I have not fared so well since he has been away for a few nights this week. Tonight she didn’t surrender until after 9pm and kept her brother awake in the process. Mummy was not happy at all…

I’m hoping things will get better in time as I’m missing my quiet time, not to mention the 7.30pm re-runs of Doctor Who on every weeknight on ABC2!

3. Gilbert Bear has had a much better week at school.

So far, there have been no phone calls from the Assistant Principal (phew!) and while he is not especially keen to go, he is not trying to abscond or try anything silly at school either.

In fact, he has coped quite well this week, particularly as he has also lost another tooth which is normally a HUGE stressor for him as he hates the feeling of the tooth wobbling and is terrified of the blood.

Which reminds me, I must remember that the tooth fairy needs to make an appearance tonight – don’t let me forget, okay?

4. I really miss my husband.

He has gone away on a school camp and while he is only away for three days, it has seemed much longer. I miss his company in the evenings, I miss sharing the funny things the kids say and do with him, I miss being able to debrief in the afternoons and I miss his help and support around the house.

They do say absence makes the heart grow fonder…

Which must be true as even Matilda has confessed to missing him, which is a huge admission from her, as she doesn’t normally give her father the time of day!

We’ll all be happy vegemites when he returns on Friday afternoon!

5. I’m going to miss our home once it sells and we move on.

I’m proud of the additions and improvements we have made to it and the fact that it is a real home. Our home.

While I won’t miss this frenetic level of cleaning once the need for inspections are over with, I do love seeing my house clean and sparkly and looked after.

It leaves me with one big question – why couldn’t I find the motivation to have done this years ago? Why do we always wait until we’re ready to move on to complete those little things that can make such a big difference in the long run? Can I turn a new leaf at our new house and continue the quest for housewife success?

Stay tuned for the answers to all those questions and more…

I’m linking up again with Dorothy from Singular Insanity to share the things I know right now – care to share what you know this week?

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8 Responses

  1. Kate Sins says:

    Hahaha, I think that’s a brilliant way to determine who to vote for. What a delight.

    Ah, we went through house inspections last year and every week my husband would look at me while the house was all sparkly and say “let’s try to keep it this way..” HA! It hasn’t happened for us yet! Hope it works for you.

    Most important you don’t forget the tooth fairy needs to visit!!
    Kate Sins recently posted..Things I know… relief, sweet relief

    • Kirsty says:

      Matilda is usually good value but her assessment of the current state of Australian politics was a corker!

      We’ll see about keeping the house clean – I would like to continue in this way but we all know how real life gets in the way…

      Thanks for the tooth fairy reminder – I did actually remember but then I had to scrounge around for loose change as my husband is away and he usually has heaps of change, whereas I never have any – how does that work????

  2. Melissa says:

    I love kids views of politics – my 8 year old thinks that next time it’s Tony Abbotts turn to be PM, then after that it’s time for Kevin Rudd again….!!!
    Melissa recently posted..In response to a letter…

  3. Glad it’s been a better week at school, and don’t you just love the innocence of kids? God love ’em!
    Aroha @ Colours of Sunset recently posted..Things I Know with @Singular_Insane

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Aroha, I’m so relieved this week has been so very uneventful for Gilbert Bear. And I do love the things my kiddos come out with, they forever crack me up with their views on the world around them. You do have to love them!!

  4. Marita says:

    Your children sound lovely. I’m glad Gilbert Bear is having a better week at school.
    Marita recently posted..Autism Hero Highlights

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Marita – so am I! I don’t ever wan’t to go through another week like last week. Gilbert is still stressed and unsettled so who knows what next week will bring but I was proud of him for going back to school and trying his best while there. Fingers crossed he can continue to improve…

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