I Must Confess…I Hate Ringing People on the Telephone

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Hello one and all! I Must Confess is back after a week off where I spent way too much time cleaning and tidying and doing housework-like stuff for my liking!

But I’m back on deck now so I can share yet another confession with you all.

This week’s confession has been inspired by some of my experiences in the last month where I have had to deal with a variety of trades to get my house ready for sale.

I feel it is time to confess with you my very real, yet very irrational fear of making telephone calls.

Yes, I hate making phone calls. Particularly cold calls to businesses or people I have not dealt with before.

It became crystal clear to me during my month off work that I am beginning to have a real problem with this.

For one thing, I have a history of putting things off if it involves ringing people up. Even the most simple things that could be resolved with a simple phone call. And I can’t even really tell you why that’s the case.

It may be that I am not the most confident or assertive person on the planet so I always feel at a disadvantage on the phone.

It’s more likely that I hate being told no. Or feeling like an idiot when I don’t understand what the person at the other end of the line is trying to say to me.

Whatever the reason, I seem to go to ridiculous lengths to avoid making calls (as does my husband which is probably why we always seem to put off decisions!)

I just want to state that I have no problem talking to people in person – in fact I would much rather traipse across town to go in person to a store to find they are out of the thing I am after than ring them up from the comfort of my own home to save myself the trouble. Truly I would. That’s rather mad, isn’t it?

And I have no trouble conversing with people online or by text. But I am no fan of the phone – I even limit the number of calls I make to friends and family because of my level of discomfort.

Anyway, I recently used the mighty internet to source all the quotes for the various trades I needed to engage to get this house sale-ready.

For one thing, it is often daunting to see so many painters and electricians listed in the yellow pages – without a personal recommendation I have absolutely no idea who to call.

Plus, I get extremely nervous when making calls. The most embarrassing example of this when I involuntarily called a complete stranger darling (why?) when requesting a quote. I then had to find a way to cover that up (I pretended I was talking to one of the kids – phew!)

Like, who does that? That’s just odd.

So, thanks to the wonder of the internet I was able to get our air-conditioner replaced, our ceiling fans installed and our painting done without having to pick up the phone and make a call to anyone.

Online quotes rule!

And, just to make me that much weirder, I am happy enough to talk to people if they ring me, I just hate ringing them. Weird.

I also know that you’re probably wondering how I cope in my job. Well, luckily for me I don’t have to undertake much cold calling in my current job but I seem to fair better in any case at work as I know I HAVE to do it. When I have to call people at work I know I am being paid to do it, so I just get on with it.

If only I could use that mindset here at home…

So there you have it – my overpowering and rather irrational fear of calling people on the telephone.

Make me feel a little less odd and share something about yourself this week. Or don’t. That way I can still maintain that this is the least successful linkup in the blogosphere – sad but true!

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6 Responses

  1. cate says:

    oh, I can relate! I hate making phone calls to people I know! or places like centrelink, govt. departments, but I can answer phones easily, many years as a receptionist means I can turn on the “work brain” to manage that!
    cate recently posted..5 {goals for March} on friday

    • Kirsty says:

      Cate, I’m glad I’m not the only one then! It’s weird but I can receive calls fine but I hate making them – so glad I’m not alone on this one!

  2. I am exactly the same! If I can’t deal with something via email or text I will put it off for as long as humanly possible. When I contemplate going back to work I get nervous, because what kind of job can I possibly find where I won’t have to use a phone?? You’re so not alone!
    Becky from BeckyandJames.com recently posted..Art Journaling for Busy Mums: Getting Started

    • Kirsty says:

      Becky, so glad to hear that I’m not alone with this. I have been careful at my work to keep to jobs that don’t involve ringing clients directly – whenever I have been in such a position I’ve done all I could to get out of there quick smart! Hoping you can find something down the track that doesn’t involve too much phone work…

  3. Marita says:

    I loath making phone calls, it is all so threating and leads to even more things on my to-do list.
    Marita recently posted..Autism Hero Highlights

    • Kirsty says:

      Threatening is the right word Marita – it shouldn’t be but it is, isn’t it? I don’t think I’ll ever like ringing people up – thank goodness for the internet!

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