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This is it. This is the month of change and moving forward. I want this month to work.

To be totally honest, I need this month to work.

I have taken the next 4 weeks off work to get things in order. There are the kids to get off to school, the house to clean up and tidy, our future house plans to settle, my husband’s car to replace and the return to the school term routine.

I also want to take stock of me – namely my physical fitness and my mental health.

It’s going to be big month but if I can’t do it now, I am never going to get a better opportunity to do so. Or I’ll never be in the right mindset to make it happen again.

Challenge 1 will come Monday morning when my older two kids return to school. Gilbert is moving into Year 2 at his local school, the culmination of years of preparation and planning. Matilda will be moving into Year 1 with the same teacher she had last year and some of the same kids. Fingers crossed their transition is smooth but I am preparing for the worst.

Gilbert has been struggling with the smallest issues. I have lost count of how many meltdowns he has had in the last week alone – it has become a whole lot of work lately to support and manage his worries and behaviours. I can only hope the reality of school will help calm his fears and reduce his anxiety. If it doesn’t, I’m not sure what we’ll do…

Matilda took 3 whole terms to successfully transition into kindergarten last year so I am hoping she will settle into school far easier this year. She has been moody and oppositional and is clearly stressed about the return to school. Again, I am hoping that she will settle soon enough – at least she’ll have her brother with her this year for company and for support.

Challenge 2 is getting this house into some sort of order. It is, quite frankly, a hovel right now. We have crap EVERYWHERE – there is a serious clutter emergency happening right now and the house needs help stat!.

Besides the perennial issue of too much stuff being packed into a tiny house there are many other priorities for me. The floors need sweeping and mopping, the blinds need a good clean, the bathroom needs de-moulding and re-painting, the kitchen needs a clean-out and the driveway and gardens need weeding.

The kids rooms and toys need sorting and a good clean and we need to reclaim a wall of our own room that seems to have given birth to a plethora of boxes, clothes and clutter…

Challenge 3 will be making the final and long awaited decision on where to next for the Russell family. We have decided to sell up here (hence the impending de-cluttering and cleaning frenzy) but need to resolve the where to next.

Our preference is to buy somewhere close by but we obviously need to find the right house at the right price. The other option is to build and there is land coming up for sale that we would be interested in but we need to find out what is and isn’t possible for us financially before we can make a decision.

Our mortgage broker is coming out this week to talk through our options and a real estate agent is also going to have a look at the house to give us a market appraisal. By the end of next week we’re hoping to know what we can and can’t do so we can make the big decision about where to move forward – wish us luck, we’ll no doubt need it!

Challenge 4 is replacing my husband’s car which is seriously on it’s last legs. I have been driving it to work over the last few weeks while he’s been at home with the kids and it has given me some heart-stopping moments. Again we’re hoping the meeting with our broker will help us identify what we can afford to upgrade to, although whatever the outcome getting another car is a given – there is just no way he can continue driving his the way it is…

Challenge 5 is a hypothetical one right now but it could very well become a reality. I applied for a promotion before christmas and had an interview for it in mid January. I was one of 4 interviewed so I have a 25% chance of being successful. Getting a promotion would be great and would definitely satisfy me on a professional level but it would also involve me returning to work full-time.

This prospect is wrought with challenges for me. I would need to source after hours school care for my older kids 5 days a week, increase Delilah’s hours on the 4 days she is in family daycare and also find her a place on a Friday.

While I would love a promotion for the money and the satisfaction and the challenge, it would certainly be hard to spend more time away from the kids and I’m still not totally convinced it would be the right move for me or the family. While there is no point worrying about it too much now, it is sitting there in the back of my mind, in case it does become a reality.

Challenge 6 is getting back into shape, being better organised and having more time for myself. They encompass my 3 goals for this year and I would like to move forward on these while I don’t have work to worry about. This is not going to be easy but I have already made some decisions that should help me along.

I am going back to Weight Watchers as I am putting on more weight and need to address this quick smart! I am going to join a local gym (I have already identified some classes that should fit into my back-to-work life too) and I am being proactive in being social and organising time to myself.

I am trying to be more honest with myself and recognise my needs as a person which I tend to put as my last priority behind everyone else. But if I really want to make real and lasting change in my life I do have to learnt to respect myself too.

So there are my challenges for the coming month. I know I won’t completely resolve all of them but I would like to be able to mark my progress in each area in a wrap-up post at the end of February. Let’s hope I have made progress in some of these areas or it’s going to be a really short and boring post for you all!

Wish me luck!

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7 Responses

  1. Fi says:

    Anxiety really is a bitch isn’t it – I hope the kids transition easily for you and that everything else starts to fall into place.
    I believe in you!!

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