I Must Confess…My Christmas & New Year

Christmas morning at Chez Russell

Hiya everyone – welcome to the first I Must Confess linkup for 2012!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed a great christmas and new year and that you’re ready to share your stories as part of the linkup today.

I’m looking to get things up and running this year by setting a theme for each week to make it easier for you all to take part and to make it a little more interesting – we’ll see how this approach goes over the coming weeks.

For my part, I’m probably the only blogger in the known universe who hasn’t already posted something about christmas and the new year so I thought I should rectify that before we get too far into 2012.  I’m probably already too late but, hey, it’s my blog and I’ll post what I want, when I want – so there!


Christmas was very quiet for us this year and I really enjoyed the fact we could take the time to savour things instead of rushing from one location to another. It all started for us on christmas eve when we took the kids over to their grandparents in the afternoon so we could put together their trampoline and bikes undetected. It got even better when my father-in-law offered to help out my husband thus saving me from physical labour and most definitely saving our marriage in the process!

We then had to wait until it got dark so we could get them into the house without accidentally spying the presents from Santa. After a drive to seek out christmas lights we got them home, laid out a snack for Santa, watched a bit of carols and piled them into bed. By the time our over-excited munchkins finally got to sleep it was close to 10pm and then it was time for us to start putting it all together…

So, being woken up at 5.45am on christmas day by the kids, while not unexpected, was definitely unwelcome! We did wake up laughing though which helped put us into a good frame of mind even at that ungodly time of day…

Matilda Bear had wandered out to the loungeroom (where everything was laid out) and didn’t notice a thing in her quest to find the TV remote. After turning on the TV and literally watching the blue ABC4Kids screen for a few minutes, we asked her, in great amusement, whether she noticed anything different in the lounge room.  She then had a proper look around and, for the first time, noticed the bikes and the presents under the tree!

It’s times like these that you have to embrace the unique qualities of your ASD child!

Being up so early the kids had lots and lots and lots of time to play with all their presents before heading out to have lunch with my husband’s side of the family. The food was lovely, the wine flowed freely and we had a great time with the family. Although I missed seeing my own parents that day it was nice to be able to relax and fully enjoy the spirit of christmas without having to rush from place to place.

We revisited that spirit a few days later when my brother and sister-in-law came up for a quick visit. Their 10 year old son is also on the spectrum and it was amazing to see how similar he and Gilbert were in so many ways.

It was liberating to share our experiences with others who truly understood where we were coming from and we enjoyed a wonderful day of acceptance, awareness and understanding. That was truly priceless and really embodied the spirit of christmas for me.

New Year

As much as I long to go out and enjoy new year’s eve like I used to pre-kids, that’s not an option right now so our new year’s eve was also quiet. As is becoming tradition, we had dinner with my husband’s parents and then kept the kids occupied until 8.30pm when we walked to the harbour to secure a spot for the 9pm fireworks.

After a slow start the fireworks ended up being pretty impressive and the kids were very satisfied as we began our journey home. Even Gilbert, who is usually troubled by the sound of fireworks, enjoyed the show, although we are unsure how much he actually saw!

We finally got home and deposited the kids into bed and then sat back and watched some TV. Can I just say that new year’s eve programming sucks – obviously we were supposed to be out partying rather than staying in like losers!

While suffering through Van Helsing (it is a truly bad movie…) I started tweeting and found out that my favourite band of all time, Jamiroquai, was in Sydney providing pre-fireworks entertainment.

I felt even more old as a) I was so out of the loop that I didn’t even know they were there and b) even if I had have known I would not have been able to go. I got to see one song though, which was better than nothing, I guess…

I confess I do like watching the midnight fireworks and was looking forward this time to seeing the most expensive fireworks display in the world. And I wasn’t disappointed. They were truly spectacular and well worth the crap TV beforehand.

It would be awesome to go down and see the display in person one year, but we’ll wait quite a few years before we even contemplate something like that.

So that was my christmas and new year. Quiet but comfortable. Nothing really exciting or noteworthy but, in some ways, that’s a blessing really, isn’t it?

You should know what to do by now. Link up your christmas or new years post and see who got up to what over the festive season. I’m sure there’s got to be some juicy stories out there, somewhere…

The Rules…

– I Must Confess is a link up that will be happening every Sunday – a bit of a homage to my Catholic upbringing, in fact!

– The link will be live from 10pm Saturday night for the whole week.

– You can link up something old or new as long as it relates to the theme of the week.

– Please go forth and share the comment love – it is bloggy crack after all!

– The linky is meant to be fun so please remember that and respect others – hopefully we can all have a little fun with this as we go along.

– You don’t have to be my friend to play along but it’s always nice to make new friends, isn’t it?

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