Thankful for Politics & for Twitter

Harry Jenkins as Speaker of the House - image courtesy the Herald Sun

I’m a sucker for politics. You may not know that as I haven’t written a lot about it here (no time to dissect political issues with the life I currently lead…) but I do have a dedicated category for politics which, sadly only has one entry. I hope to add to that one day as I have always enjoyed following the political process. You have now been warned…

I love watching election coverage (to my husband’s dismay), I soak up political commentary in the media, I think Antony Green is a god and I’m one of those sad people who actually enjoy watching Question Time. Sad, but true.  

(Hey, that would have made a really good confession for my I Must Confess linkup on Sundays…oh well…)

Today was a pretty big day in Australian politics, if you are a sucker for politics like me. Unfortunately I was not aware of the events as they unfolded as I was at work. It wasn’t until I logged into Twitter that I discovered that Harry Jenkins had resigned his position as Speaker of the House of Representatives to concentrate on being a more active member of the Labor party.

Long story short, this is politically significant as the Speaker is usually from the governing party (which had always been tough for the minority government). Now the Labor speaker has resigned, the deputy, Peter Slipper, takes over and he happens to be from the opposition. Well, he was, until he was expelled from the party today for having the hide to take a position he has long coveted. Now he is another independent who will be sitting on the crossbenches.

As the Speaker cannot vote in the House, it means that the Government has increased it’s majority by welcoming Harry back to the fold while the Opposition now has one less vote. Tony Abbott is, understandably, spewing, while Julia Gillard must be relieved at gaining a little more breathing space in the house.

Now, I would have eventually found out about this via the traditional media. But, by the time I was able to finally sit down and take this all in I would have missed the news. And let’s face it, I would not have really gotten much in-depth analysis from the 6pm news as mainstream media seems to still be obsessed with the latest Kyle and Jackie O scandal.

But, who needs traditional media? Twitter, the phenomenal news engine that it is, gave me the salient points straight away. In addition, I was able to follow links to media articles on the story as well as links to several political blogs that had already dissected the issue. I have loved Twitter for quite some time now – tonight I fell just a little more in love with it!

So today I want to give thanks to Twitter for feeding my hunger for political news and for being such an amazing source of up-to-the-minute information!

As usual, I am linking up for Thankful Thursday with the fabulous Kate from Kate Says Stuff – what are you thankful for today?

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  1. Wow, I’d not even heard about that but then I’ve had a relatively Twitter free day. I did learn of the Vile Kyle thing via Twitter though 😉
    katesaysstuff recently posted..Thankful Thursday: Bloggers Brunch Edition

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