Thankful for Being Sick

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That might sound like a crazy title – why would anyone be thankful for being sick?

Well, I am. I have been suffering from viral conjunctivitis since I felt that first ominous scratchy feeling in my eyes last Friday night. I haven’t been able to shake it (probably because I am so damn rundown from working 4 days a week and wrangling 3 kids and trying to keep the house in order and attempting to also have a life…how dare I even think it???)

I felt pretty awful over the weekend and woke up on Monday still looking scary. Let’s just say I looked like a real zombie – I was probably the only person on the planet who didn’t actually need a Halloween costume, except maybe for the guy I saw on Discovery channel once who was a real-life werewolf…anyway…

I had Monday off work while I tried to get a doctor’s appointment and tried to get some over the counter stuff to clear up my eyes.

Tuesday came and I was still red-eyed but I was lucky to get a cancellation at the doctor’s – yay! She gave me the rest of the week off work and a script for something else to banish the pink-eye.

Today, my eyes are still a little pink and still tender but at least I no longer look like a zombie. I am hoping I am well on the way to recovery.

So, I hear you ask, why am I so thankful for having had conjunctivitis for the last week?

I’m thankful for having some time off work. I’m thankful for having the time to rest. I’m thankful for having a little unexpected break from the craziness of my life. I’m thankful I have had some much needed alone time.

Although the reason for my breathing space is not ideal and I would not wish it on anyone else, I am thankful that I was MADE to slow down and take a break.

Now, I just have to work out a way to be able to slow down without having to be sick to make it happen…let me work on that one!








Linking up with Kate Says Stuff for Thankful Thursday – what are you thankful for today?


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12 Responses

  1. When you figure out how to slow down without being sick, let me know! I NEED some time out in a big way! 🙂
    Kellie @ Three Li’l Princesses recently posted..What happened when I did the vacuum cleaning

    • Kirsty says:

      If I could work that out Kel, I’m sure I could become an instant millionaire – but, gosh it’d be nice, wouldn’t it? I hope you can find some time out for yourself soon.

  2. So glad that despite the illness you’ve been able to have some time off and time out!

    Thankyou for linking up 🙂
    katesaysstuff recently posted..Systems Junkie Series: Thankful Thursday

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Kate. It has been nice to slow down for a little while – just need to work out how to do it under normal circumstances, not just when I fall ill!!!

  3. Jess says:

    You are the second person I have heard of to get viral conjunctivitis recently!
    Glad you got to have a break, and hope you work out a way to do without being sick next time!
    Jess recently posted..Random Thankfulness

    • Kirsty says:

      I have heard a few people having it too – my daughter had it for 24 hours last Friday and I assume that’s how I ended up with it but it took me far longer than 24 hours to get over it…just my luck, really!

      I think everyone struggles with finding time to slow down in their normal lives…I often joke about needing a few clones – one to go to work for me, one to look after the kids and one to look after the house so I can just have fun…sounds like a perfect arrangement, actually!!!

  4. Julie says:

    Crazy how sometimes we don’t give ourselves any time (or feel we can’t) until we get sick!? Hope you are feeling better soon, and glad you are spending your “sick time” resting
    Julie recently posted..Give thanks on Thursday

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Julie – I’m feeling much better now, although still no closer to working out how I can continue to take things easy when I get back to work…if I ever work that one out I will let you know!

  5. Chantel says:

    I had Monday off work as Master Z had conjuctivitis, so he was not allowed at day care. I felt like such a fraud as I wasn’t sick – and he wasn’t sick except for the goo coming out of his eyes. But we had such a wonderful day together, I totally get where you are coming from!!!!
    Chantel recently posted..Thankful Thursday – 30 minute special

    • Kirsty says:

      I hope Master Z recovered quickly. It is so contagious – I’m surprised in a way that no-one else in my family contracted it while I was ill. You’re right, you’re not actually sick with it but the eyes are nasty and, in my case, they were so very sore that i couldn’t sit at a computer for more than 10 minutes at a time. So I was very glad to have been given some time off work to recover – looking forward to actually enjoying this weekend, unlike the last one! Glad you ended up having a lovely day together on Monday!

  6. Marita says:

    I have to say I agree – sometimes being sick can be a real boon because it forces you to have some time off to rest and get away from the daily grind. 🙂
    Marita recently posted..Christmas Present Ideas for Heidi

    • Kirsty says:

      But it’s sad it has to come to that for most of us, isn’t it? I know I can’t go on indefinitely the way I am, but still trying to come up with a realistic way to move forward…fingers crossed I’ll come up with something soon!

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