I Wanted to Write a Blog Post & Record a Vlog but…

My sore eyes - hard to see but, believe me, I do rather resemble a zombie right now!

I have sore eyes. I have viral conjunctivitis, have had it since Friday night, and gosh my eyes are tender right now!

After two days of phoning I finally got into the GP today who gave me the rest of the week off work with instructions to use drops and ointment to clear my eyes.

I hope it works – this eye thing has been highly inconvenient. I can only be on a computer for short bursts and it is frustrating to have all this time available to me to blog but not be able to do so!

To get around the blogging without blogging conundrum, I thought about trying a vlog. I’ve seen so many other bloggers do them and I think they’re great.

They give you a real glimpse into a bloggers life, shows their personality and helps readers really get to know the blogger as a person. I think every blogger should do at least one, if they can, to introduce themselves to their readers and cement that relationship between blogger and reader.

Now, before you ask, I did record something this morning but the sound is dodgy and I couldn’t upload it onto YouTube properly. I also would love to know how others put credits on them and how they make them look a bit “special”.

Once these technical difficulties have been worked out I would love to share a vlog with you – in fact I’m hoping to vlog for the very first “I Must Confess” linkup this Sunday (no pressure on me there or anything….)

So, who out there knows how to vlog? What tips do you have for a virgin vlogger like me?

And, more importantly, are you planning to linkup to “I Must Confess” on Sunday????

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2 Responses

  1. Ouch! you poor thing.
    I had that a few months ago.
    Hope your feeling better soon. xx
    Me ‘N my Monkeys! recently posted..Giddy up go!

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Jane, so do I! I have had it before but never for this long, hoping the combination of drops and ointment will finally rid me of it!!

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