Hold Them Tight

I hugged my three little bears tight tonight...

I made sure I held my children tight tonight.

I did not complain quite as much when they failed to go to sleep. I stroked their hair and told them how very much I loved them.

Instead of dreading being woken up during the night I look forward to having sleepy cuddles with them, however many times they choose to wake up.

Because I know I am lucky to have healthy children who are here with me and who have every chance of leading long lives. 

They certainly have their own challenges but they are are not life-threatening and can be overcome with love, patience and persistence.

I know other families are not so lucky. Families who face the agony of terminal illness, degenerative disease, tragic accidents. Families who are never given the opportunity to spend a lifetime together.

I have been moved to tears tonight by the story of Anaya. I wish I had known of her sooner as her battle for life nears it’s conclusion.

Her family’s bravery in sharing their story and their life with her is extraordinary. I don’t know whether I could be quite so brave in similar circumstances.

Stories like these make my heart literally hurt. I hurt for the family and the unimaginable pain they are suffering watching their little one fade away.

And I hurt for myself. I see what I’m taking for granted, I see the frustration I sometimes show to my children, I see how I’m not fully appreciating the blessings of my life.

So, I choose to be positive. I choose to be there for them. I choose to listen. I choose to have patience. I choose them over everything else. 

I will think of Anaya and her family tonight and all the other families who are separated from each other all too soon.

And I will make sure I continue to hold my kids tight, now and forever.

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8 Responses

  1. Sharon says:

    Beautiful Kirsty……
    It has shown me the gift of life and how something like her story can show us that we are human and can grieve and feel pain for another we do not know. We have the opportunity to show our little ones they are loved.
    No matter what our battles are we all sometimes need a reality check as there is always someone somewhere going through a situation worse than our own.
    Our kids are lucky.
    We show love and are grateful for them.
    Hugs to you as a parent for recognising that your cherubs are lucky to have you and no matter what they are loved!

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Sharon for first sharing the link to this story and for your beautiful words.
      We do need a reality check occasionally but it’s sad that it takes such a tragic story for us to really take stock of what we have and to be truly grateful for it.
      I’ll be thinking of Anaya and her family tonight…

  2. Oh so true, it’s really sometimes difficult to remember to treasure the smallest most difficult moments, but I too, try to remind myself that even the toughest days are a blessing, and while we can’t all be happy and peachy all the time, after reading that story, I too, will vouch to yell less tomorrow and cuddle more and just be that bit more present with my kiddos, after all, so many families would give anything to have a day of chaos. so even in the chaos I will try my hardest to treasure my 3 wild ones. Thank you for the reminder x
    Ree – Little Aussie Travellers recently posted..Beechwood Billycart Classic | Historical Event in NSW

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Ree. I wish I didn’t need reminders like these – but I certainly had far more patience this morning when I was woken at 5.40am by 2 of my 3 little bears. They are precious and deserve to be cherished, regardless of how I’m feeling on a particular day or how many other things need my attention. That’s what I need to work on most, being in the moment with them…

  3. Beautiful Kirsty and so very true. I’ve been having similar thoughts lately and you said it all perfectly. xx
    Off to get some tissues then will read Anaya’s story.
    Carly @ My Life in Colour recently posted..Ooh, that’s Pinterest…ing! Flora Love

    • Kirsty says:

      Oh Carly, you will definitely need tissues reading Anaya’s story – I had trouble going to sleep last night thinking about her and her family. There’s a facebook page that is giving regular updates about her condition – http://www.facebook.com/TheAnayaInstitute – you can follow that via the link to her family’s blog. Continuing to think of her and her family today…

  4. Lisa Jay says:

    Hi kirsty, I’m popping over via digital parents. This post is well said. Words straight from my heart too. We have to be grateful for our little ones every day. We couldn’t live without them and we wouldn’t want too. That thought alone has inspired me to be patient in my days as a mummy.

    • Kirsty says:

      Hi Lisa, thanks so much for coming by. I must say I have had far more patience with my three little bears this week and have been enjoying them more because of it…I’m trying to show my gratitude for their presence in my life everyday…

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