Grateful for Planes, Trains & Automobiles…

Hoping we survive better than these two...image courtesy

Early Saturday morning will see us winging our way down to Sydney International Airport for an adventure.

Gilbert Bear has been offered the opportunity to fly on a jumbo jet for the very first time through the generosity of Qantas, Turramurra Rotary Club and Pathfinders.

To say he is excited is an understatement. He had serious issues going to bed last night as he was too excited and anxious about the experience to go to sleep.

He was so excited, he even had a very animated conversation with his Pop (he’s not into talking on the phone usually) that went something like this,

Pop: “What are you doing tomorrow?”

Gilbert: “We’re going on a jumbo jet which is going to go high in the sky but hopefully it won’t go too far or we’d end up on the moon, but you would need space suits for that so we’d probably die and then they’d play the moon organ at our funeral.”

Pop: *laughing heartily*

Gilbert: “Bye now Pop.”

He’s a character my boy…

Anyway, he’s excited and anxious in equal measure about the flight (which is completely natural) but is just plain excited about the journey we need to take to get there.

Originally, I was going to drive to the airport. Easy. But I am not a fan of Sydney traffic nor driving in the rain nor paying exorbitant fees for the privilege of parking at the airport for a few hours so we thought it might be best to drive to Hornsby and catch the train to the airport from there.

Good plan. Except there’s trackwork on the line. So we will be driving in the car to Hornsby, then hopping on a train to Central, then catching a bus to the airport, then boarding a plane for a quick flight around the city, before heading back to the terminal and following the process on the return journey home.

Yes, people, our very own version of the classic farce, “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”….

But while this could be seen to be a negative, I’m grateful for the opportunity to share a genuine adventure with my son and the chance to spend some real time with him.

I’m grateful too, to the generous souls who have made this adventure possible.

Qantas, who have had a bad rap recently, are simply wonderful to donate a plane, crew and groundstaff to allow kids with special needs to experience the joy of flight.

Turramurra Rotary Club and Pathfinders are the amazing people who have organised the adventure – their volunteers will be on hand tomorrow to make sure none of us get lost and are the heart and soul behind this extraordinary enterprise.

And finally, Vision Australia, who were invited to provide names of those who would enjoy such an experience and who have followed up with us every step of the way.

Thank you to each and every one of you.

After a little hiatus, I am joining in again with Maxabella’s I’m Grateful linkup – this week she hits over 200 things to be grateful for – so go on over and check out her 200th grateful as well as all the other grateful posts this weekend!

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8 Responses

  1. Chantel says:

    That sounds just magical! What an opportunity! I hope he has the most amazing day and you have a brill day spending time with him and getting to watch the joy on his face xx
    Chantel recently posted..Did the Doctor Really Order This?

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Chantel – he had a ball. It was an amazing day – the rain cleared just as the plane took off so we had wonderful views and everyone was so very considerate of all the kids’ needs. He’s already asking to go on a plane again – maybe my dream of taking the family on an island adventure isn’t too far fetched, after all!

  2. I hope he has a fabulous time – what a special outing!

    I used to live in Wahroonga so was smiling with tthe trip down memory lane as it has been a while since I have seen someone write Hornsby and Turramurra!
    Deb @ Home life simplified recently posted..Can you ever take the city out of the girl?

    • Kirsty says:

      Deb, glad to bring you pleasant memories!

      We ended up parking at Berowra for the day, which worked out beautifully (as an out of towner I’m really not very confident driving in Sydney traffic!)

      The Turramurra Rotary club volunteers are angels and couldn’t do enough for the kids – it was such a special experience for all of them, I kept getting teary all day!!!!

  3. Caz says:

    😛 enjoy ~ sounds like so much fun and excitment.
    Caz recently posted..REVIEW: Crust Gourmet Pizza ~ a night in for Mummy.

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Caz, it was a magical day. Gilbert enjoyed every part of our journey, although he got upset with the long wait and kept saying “I just want to go on my first plane ride”! It was a long day but well worth it – didn’t he have stories for his sisters when he got back!

  4. Maxabella says:

    I imagine you are home all safe and warm and tucked up for the night after a wonderful adventure. Tuckered out to say the least!!! I hope he had a ball, Kirsty. x
    Maxabella recently posted..This week I’m grateful for… being grateful x 200

    • Kirsty says:

      To be honest, I was completely shattered last night – lord knows how Gilbert felt!

      It was such a wonderful day and I felt so privileged to be a part of it with him – will post about it soon, once I somehow catch up on a full day’s sleep…!

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