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Unfortunately my day in the life of me isn’t as cool as the classic John Marsden children’s book (in case you haven’t read it, the boy at the centre of the story pretty much gets everything he wants on this one particular day…)

Like everyone else lately we have been exceptionally busy – I feel pushed and pulled like a rag doll and there seems to be no end in sight.

So I thought I would document the events of the last 24 hours to get my head around things and try get myself in the right frame of mind to cope with the even busier week ahead!

Monday was the start of the work and school week. I start the day making lunches as I never got around to them the night before. Then there’s the mad rush to get everyone ready and out the door before 8am so I can get Delilah off to daycare before returning home so Gilbert can be picked up by special transport before taking Matilda to school around the corner.

I then drive into town to drop the car off for a rego check and service before, miraculously arriving at work right on 9.30am. Spend 5 hours at work, working (yes, I may be a public servant but I do actually work!). Receive call from mechanics saying they may not have car ready by 2.30pm. I tell them to forget about service and just do rego check as I need car for school pick up. I leave work at 2.20pm so I can walk to the mechanics. It’s 35C outside so soon realise walking to mechanics was perhaps not the best idea.

Receive text message confirming car is ready for pick-up just as I get there (not sure what I would have done if it wasn’t…), pay exorbitant amount of money and drive home. Wait for Gilbert to be dropped off, get him quick afternoon tea and then bundle him into car to pick Delilah up from daycare before 3.30pm. Pick up Delilah, return home. Gilbert watches ABC2 for half an hour before we all head around to school to collect Matilda from Active After School Sports (AASS).

Pick up seriously heat affected little girl and return home. Receive call from mechanics saying car needs to come back in the next morning as a part they had been waiting for had now arrived (which explained whistling sound I had heard all afternoon…grrr). My husband arrives home and I get ready to take Matilda to GP for check-up. Arrive at GP to find that she is behind schedule so I take Matilda for a walk around the shops before heading back in. She points out lots of things for xmas – Santa better be loaded this year…

Return to GP and wait a short while before being seen. Turns out Matilda has virus called Molluscum Contagiosum which has left her with reddened pustules on the back of her leg. She is prescribed cortisone cream and we head to chemist to get it before going to the supermarket for ice creams (hey, it was a hot day!) Finally arrive home. Bathe children, get dinner ready (chicken curry if you must know!), let them have ice cream for dessert and put them to bed.

Wash up, make lunches for the next day, put washed clothes away, play about on the internet and then start swotting for job interview on the next day. In bed and asleep by 11pm. And that my friends, was my Monday.

Tuesday (today) wasn’t much better. After getting the kids ready and deposited at school/daycare, I took the car back into the mechanics, had the shipped in part replaced, went to work, swotted for my interview, received call from local school about Gilbert’s next transition visit, attended my interview, did some more work, went home, collected the did the kids (today Matilda had Tae Kwon Do for AASS), got the kids ready for swimming, got weed on by Delilah at swimming, came home and somehow fed and bundled them into bed before 8pm. Washed up, checked the internet, wrote this post and am hoping to get into bed again before 11pm.

So what’s up for the rest of the week? Well, I’m glad you asked! Wednesday will see Gilbert attending another transition visit to his local school and then we’ll be heading out to the Variety Kids Christmas Party. On Thursday Gilbert will have another visit to his local school and I’m hoping for a quiet afternoon (hallelujah!). Friday will start off with Gilbert having OT in the morning and will end with Matilda’s tennis lesson and my husband heading out for the evening. On the weekend, we have a date with Santa and a birthday party to attend…

Maybe, sometime, in the midst of work and everything else going on, I will get the chance to sit down and have a bit of a rest!

So, are you drowning in commitments at the moment? How do you cope when you literally have no time to scratch yourself?


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2 Responses

  1. Yip Drowning here… and nope not coping either! I pretty much study my diary each night to prep for the following day, to organise what/when/how. People ask me what I’m doing on on the Friday…. I have no idea, focusing on Wednesday! đŸ˜‰
    Your day sounds very hectic, it’s exhausting and non-stop huh? Hopefully with school holidays around the corner, you and your bears can have some much needed R&R!
    Hope the interview went well too xx
    Carly @ My Life in Colour recently posted..Ooh, that’s Pinterest…ing! Flora Love

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Carly – see I have been so busy I haven’t been able to keep up with comments either! Glad to know I’m not the only one struggling at the moment – hoping you can find some time to rest soon, you’ll need to with your bub due soon!

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