My Three Little Bears – 5 Favourite Things

After my last rant about shopping I thought I should balance things out by sharing 5 things that my kids are absolutely loving right now.  Let’s face it, if my kids are happy, I have a greater chance of being happy without resorting to alcohol…

So the 5 things my kids are loving right now, are:

1. Canimals

Canimals Image from

If you haven’t caught this show yet, turn on ABC2 at 7.35am tomorrow morning and watch. This is made by Aardman Studios who also make Shaun the Sheep and Timmy Time. Canimals shares the same sense of humour, cleverness and fun that makes these shows such a joy to watch.

It centres around eight can-shaped animals who get up to all sorts of mischief.  It’s hilarious – I have found myself taking a quick break from whatever I’m doing in the morning and checking out their latest antics.

My kids love it, particularly Matilda Bear, who swears it is her favourite show (mind you this is her umpteenth favourite show this year alone!) Honestly, if you are young at heart and enjoy a bit of fun, check it out – it’ll make your morning!

2. Camelot Jnr

Camelot Jnr image taken from

This is a block puzzle game that we purchased last weekend and it has been a definite hit. It is deceptively simple to begin with but then gets more and more difficult – there were times that I struggled to help Matilda with the puzzles!

The aim is to get your wooden prince to your wooden princess only using the blocks depicted in the puzzle picture.  It is a great game to exercise the mind and can be quite tricky at times, even for adults. I loved watching my daughter’s mind tick over considering all the possibilities.

You have to watch out though, as your kids can see the solution on the following page (well my crafty kids could!) But, at least that will help you help them when you, inevitably, get stuck. There are nearly 50 puzzles in the book which should keep the kids entertained on the next rainy day.  This game is a definite winner in our house!

3. Dr Suess

Dr Suess Image and Quote from

What is not to like about Dr Suess?  The silly stories, crazy illustrations and the inescapable truths – Dr Suess (or Theodor Suess Geisel) was an absolute genius. I know I loved his books as a child and I am revelling in the love my children are developing for his rhymes today.

Matilda, an emergent reader, is growing with confidence everyday reading such classics as “Hop on Pop” and “Green Eggs & Ham” with minimal assistance from us. Gilbert, a fluent reader, has been working his way through more wordy classics like “The Lorax”, “If I Ran the Circus” and “The 500 Hats of Barthomolew Cubbins”. Even Delilah enjoys looking at the silly pictures on the Dr Suess app on my ipad!

At the heart of the silliness, lies essential truths about caring for others, being true to yourself and respecting the world around us. I love the simple and truthful messages contained in each silly story. What a treasure trove to pass onto our kids!

4. Our Local Library

Image courtesy OzinOH (

 Our local library is new and bright and airy. It has trees growing inside (true story), lots of comfy chairs and access to heaps of computers and group study areas. It also has a fantastic children’s area which my kids LOVE.

We end up at the library every second Saturday. The kids enjoy looking for their own books – Gilbert searches for books on music and space (he’s a non-fiction sort of guy), Matilda looks for picture books and DVDs (she’s a fiction sort of girl), while Delilah runs about trying to pull down any book she can reach – or, failing that, she throws herself into the beanbags (she’s an action chick!)

A trip to the library is one of those rare outings that is met with great enthusiasm by each of the little bears and that makes Mama Bear very happy!

5. Music

Image sourced from

Apart from a love of going to the library, each of my kids also share a deep love of music.

Gilbert has been learning the piano for nearly 2 years now and has a natural love and appreciation of all music, especially jazz and classical. One of his current obsessions is the pipe organ and he loves reading books about musical instruments and orchestras.

Matilda is a natural performer – she loves to dance and sing. She has already joined the school choir and loves listening to “rock” music on the ipod. She often gets into trouble with Gilbert as, according to him, she dances and sings way too much! Admittedly she is always dancing and humming but that genuine enthusiasm for rhythm and melody is something I hope she retains for the rest of her life.

Delilah also likes getting her groove on. She moves up and down and bops her knees in time to music. She knows when her favourite shows are about to begin by their theme music and stops in her tracks whenever she hears a Justine Clarke song. She also loves joining her brother and sister in playing on the piano and banging on all manner of objects…

So there are the 5 things that are making my kids happy at the moment. What things are your kids enjoying right now?


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2 Responses

  1. Marita says:

    We love Dr Seuss too 🙂

    Heidi freaked out when she saw the Canimals show, terrified.

    Must find Camelot Jnr, I’ve been hearing so many good things about it.
    Marita recently posted..This may be the straw

    • Kirsty says:

      Dr Suess is the best!

      I’m sorry to hear that Heidi freaked out about the Canimals. It’s funny what will set off our kids…Matilda has now been scared off the Care Bears after a scary episode she saw recently…

      We bought Camelot Jnr from The Games Shop – I would imagine most specialist board game shops would stock it or would be able to order it in for you. It’s definitely worth it!

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