Music for Hump Day

It is hump day and, as I am having a bit of a stressed out week (sick children, birthday party preparation, sorting out paperwork for separate funding applications for school…), I am looking for something to pump me up for the rest of it.

You may already be aware that I have a thing for retro music – my ipod is admittedly very 90’s heavy in the music department and not a lot of contemporary stuff goes on there anymore. I feel like an old duck saying this, but, honestly, all the popular chart music sounds the same these days.

Which does beg the question (in my twisted mind anyway) – will we be listening to 90’s hits on the older demographic radio stations when we’re old? Will the thumping beats of 2 Unlimited or the grunge angst of Nirvana grace the halls of our nursing homes in 40 years time? I’m quite curious about that, actually…

Which brings me, quite aptly, to Beyonce’s latest song, “Love on Top”. This is retro gold (even the film clip has an 80’s/90’s vibe) and is making my body move and my heart sing this week. I dare you to watch this clip and not feel better afterwards…

Do you have a favourite song that gives you a much needed pick-me-up?

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2 Responses

  1. I have several. But at the moment it would be a country son or two:

    Lee Kernaghan – She’s My Ute
    Tania Kernaghan – Dad’s Not Gonna Like It…

    Both very catchy songs.

    • Kirsty says:

      It doesn’t matter what genre, as long as the song makes you smile and gets you going – that’s all that matters!!!

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