Loud Shirt Day is Here

Today is Loud Shirt Day. What is that, I hear you ask? It is a day where you can wear something loud and bright and crazy to raise funds to help deaf and hearing-impaired kids receive vital early intervention services provided through First Voice.

While I have not been personally affected by hearing loss, my son is visually impaired and received vital early intervention through the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children at the Tingira Centre.

He, and others with vision and hearing impairments, received intervention from a very young age (3 months old in our case!) which helped introduce him to sensory experiences he might have otherwise never experienced.

These experiences increased his confidence in exploring the world around him and has allowed him to enjoy a rich and fulfilled life where he is now learning to play the piano, enjoys regular outings to local shopping centres and has even embraced ice-skating!

The care and attention and specialist training of the teachers and aides at RIDBC and similar agencies such as the Shepherd Centre is priceless. The support and advice and experience that overwhelmed families receive at their hands cannot be measured.

And the hope for a brighter future is quite simply beyond measure.

It is a sad fact that these organisations all exist on limited amounts of government funding, instead, relying on generous donors and fundraising drives to maintain their vital services. It is so important to the families of kids with special needs that these agencies be supported so they can continue to make a positive difference to so many lives.

So today, wear a loud shirt with pride and make a donation to Loud Shirt Day or buy merchandise at your local Caltex to ensure that all kids who are deaf or hearing-impaired get a chance to access early intervention and the opportunity to have a better start to life.

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